early flight arrival in paris france

What to Do on an Early Flight Arrival in Paris

Traveling from America, most flights into Paris land in the early morning hours. What are you to do with such an early flight arrival in Paris? Even the best Paris trip planning will likely result in a flight landing much earlier than the city seems to awaken. Fear not, for this guide is tailor-made for…

Best Coffee Shops in Paris France
Eat & Drink

7 Best Coffee Shops in Paris

Paris is a city that runs on coffee. The aromatic dark roast fuels busy professionals dashing between meetings, artists sketching scenes from sidewalk cafés, and lively university students debating philosophy late into the night. As a coffee addict myself, I make a point to visit the best coffee shops in every city I travel to….

Affordable Restaurants Brasserie Paris_IMG_5424
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10 Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris

Paris is known for its Michelin-starred haute cuisine, fancy five-star restaurants, and atmospheric cafes, but you don’t have to book months in advance or break the bank to have a delicious meal in the City of Light. As a part-time resident of Paris, I love mixing Michelin-starred fine dining with checking out the simple French…

Place Edouard VII Paris_IMG_5421

Place Edouard VII

The Place Édouard VII, located in Paris, France, is a square that honors King Edward VII of the United Kingdom. It’s situated at the junction of the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées and Avenue de l’Opéra in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. This square was inaugurated in 1911 and was named after King Edward VII, who…

Nice France Restaurants

7 Best Restaurants in Nice, France

The French Riviera is renowned for its glittering Mediterranean coastline, glamorous allure, and perhaps most famously, its mouthwatering cuisine. As the unofficial capital of the Côte d’Azur, Nice boasts a vibrant food scene bursting with fresh local ingredients, Provençal flavors, and no shortage of wine. From seaside fine dining establishments to cozy bistros tucked into…

Vacation rentals in France Villefranche IMG_4483

Where to Book the Best Vacation Rentals in France

With its world-famous cuisine, stunning landscapes, historic architecture, and easygoing joie de vivre, France has been enticing travelers for centuries. If you’re planning a trip to this captivating country, one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in French culture is to stay in a vacation rental. Skipping the hotels allows you to live…

Maison Armand Bakery Nice France IMG_4425

7 Best Bakeries in Nice, France for Bread and Pastries

The French Riviera is known for its glamorous beaches, scenic vistas, and luxurious resorts that attract visitors from around the world. However, there is more to this sunny stretch of Mediterranean coastline than meets the eye. Tucked away on side streets and local neighborhoods are bakeries that provide a tasty glimpse into the regional flavors…

Cours Saleya Market Nice France IMG_4391

Cours Saleya Market in Nice, France

The Cours Saleya Market in Nice, France, holds a rich history dating back several centuries. Located in the heart of the Old Town (Vieux Nice), the market has been a focal point of commerce, culture, and social gatherings for locals and visitors alike. Originally established in the 16th century, Cours Saleya began as a place…

Best iced coffee shops Nice France cafe fino IMG_4443

5 Best Coffee Shops in Nice, France

The aromatic scent of freshly ground coffee beans wafts through the breezy air of Nice, beckoning visitors to duck into one of the many cozy cafés and coffee shops that populate this sunny coastal city. As a self-proclaimed coffee addict who has spent the last weeks here, I’ve made it my mission to discover the…

Nicoise Salad in Nice France IMG_4380

Eating a Niçoise Salad in Nice, France

Niçoise Salad, or Salade Niçoise, is a traditional French salad that originated in the city of Nice, located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of southeastern France. This salad is renowned for its fresh and vibrant ingredients, showcasing the flavors of the Mediterranean. The exact origins of Niçoise Salad are somewhat debated, but it’s believed to…

Fenocchio Nice France Ice Cream Shop

Fenocchio Ice Cream Shops in Nice, France

Fenocchio is a renowned ice cream shop located in Nice, France, known for its wide array of delicious and inventive ice cream flavors. The history of Fenocchio dates back to 1966 when the Fenocchio family opened their first ice cream parlor in Nice’s Old Town, also known as Vieux Nice. The shop quickly gained popularity…

Nice Promenade des Anglais IMG_4269

Promenade des Anglais

The Promenade des Anglais is one of the most famous streets in Nice, and perhaps all of France. The Promenade des Anglais, one of the most famous avenues in the world, stretches along the Mediterranean coastline in the city of Nice, France. Its name, which translates as the “Walkway of the English,” has a rich…

Le Negresco hotel history Nice France IMG_4277

Le Negresco: an iconic Nice Hotel since 1913

The Hôtel Negresco is a historic luxury hotel located on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. It was named after its founder, Henri Negresco, a Romanian immigrant who envisioned creating a luxurious and opulent hotel on the French Riviera. The hotel was constructed between 1911 and 1913 and officially opened its doors on January…

best almond croissant paris croissant aux amandes France IMG_4295
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In Search of the Best Almond Croissant in Paris…

Flaky, buttery, almondy perfection – that’s what I’m always seeking whenever I bite into an almond croissant. As a self-proclaimed fan of this iconic French pastry, I can definitively say that Paris offers some of the finest examples around. Though almond croissants can be found on nearly every corner in the City of Light, only…

Blue chairs Nice France IMG_4272

The Story Behind the Iconic Blue Chairs of Nice, France

The iconic blue chairs, called les chaises bleues in French, in Nice, France are synonymous with the Promenade des Anglais, a famous boulevard along the French Mediterranean Sea. The history of these blue chairs dates back to the early 20th century. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Nice became a popular destination for…

how to get from paris to orly airport

How to Get from Paris to Orly Airport Fast

Whether you’re starting or ending your fabulous French vacation, you’ll likely need to make your way between the magnificent city of Paris and Orly airport at some point. Located just 7 miles south of the city center, Orly is the preferred hub for many domestic flights and international carriers like Air France, easyJet, Transavia, and…

best chocolate in Paris Au Chat Bleu
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Where to Find the Best Chocolate in Paris

Paris – the city of light, love, and exquisite pastries. As a self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur visiting one of the world’s capitals of confectionary delights, I felt it my solemn duty to meticulously sample as many delectable Parisian chocolate boutiques as possible during my stay. Through arduous “research,” I’m delighted to report back on my quest…

Pagoda Paris architecture

Pagoda Paris: a curious portal to China

Nestled within Paris’s posh 8th arrondissement, neighboring the enchanting Parc Monceau, stands the beguiling Pagoda Paris. Splashed in vibrant red and crowned with a swooping roofline, the Pagoda Paris stands as a portal to the exotic East. Once a distinguished private home fashioned in the grandeur of French Louis Philippe architecture, this edifice was acquired…

Escargot in Paris Les Deux Magots
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Where to Eat the Best Escargot in Paris

As a lover of French cuisine and especially snails (escargot), I was thrilled to visit Paris and sample some of the city’s finest offerings of this classic appetizer. Parisians have perfected the art of preparing escargot, often using the tasty Burgundy snail native to the region. The buttery, garlicky, herbaceous flavors make escargot a true…

Iced Coffee in Paris White rose matcha latte IMG_2296
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Where to Get Iced Coffee in Paris

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more refreshing than an iced coffee. As I wandered the streets of Paris recently on a particularly sweltering afternoon, I was craving something cold and caffeinated. Much to my surprise and delight, iced coffee seems to have become quite popular among Parisians as of late. Specialty coffee shops…

Philippe Conticini IMG_2112
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Philippe Conticini: a taste of the Tarte Fraise Rhubarbe pastry

Philippe Conticini is a highly acclaimed French pastry chef and a prominent figure in the world of gastronomy. Born on August 16, 1963, in Choisy-le-Roi, France, Conticini is renowned for his innovative approach to pastry-making and his contributions to the French pastry world. He gained recognition for his unique style and techniques, blending traditional pastry-making…

Best croissant in Paris Chez Meunier rose IMG_2071
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Where to Find the Best Croissant in Paris

As a lover of all things flaky, buttery, and French, I consider myself a croissant connoisseur. So when I recently visited Paris, I made it my mission to find the best croissant the city has to offer. My journey started by asking locals and foodie friends for their top recommendations. Several bakeries came up repeatedly….

Theatre de l'Athenee Paris IMG_1598
Art & Culture

Théâtre de l’Athénée Paris

Théâtre de l’Athénée is a historic theater located in Paris, France. The theater’s rich history and its dedication to promoting experimental and boundary-pushing performances have contributed to its status as a significant cultural institution in Paris, not to mention one of the best Parisian theaters to visit. The theater is closely associated with Louis Jouvet…

Le Champo IMG_1466
Art & Culture

Le Champo Paris

Le Champo is a historic cinema located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France. It’s renowned for its cultural significance and its ties to France’s cinematic heritage. The full name of the cinema is “Le Champo – Espace Jacques Tati.” Opened in 1938, Le Champo is known for its dedication to screening classic, art-house, and…

Place de l'Estrapade IMG_1444

Place de l’Estrapade Paris

Nestled in the quaint Latin Quarter of Paris lies one of the city’s hidden gems – Place de l’Estrapade. As I wandered the cobblestone streets on a sunny spring afternoon, I turned a corner and stumbled upon this charming little square that felt almost frozen in time. Surrounded by warmly-colored buildings with shuttered windows and…

Things to Do in Etretat France

10 Best Things to Do in Etretat, France

Perched along the Alabaster Coast of Normandy, Étretat is a quaint seaside village that has enchanted visitors for over a century. With its dramatic cliff formations, charming beaches, and historic attractions, it’s easy to see why artists like Monet and Maupassant found inspiration here. I’ll share my recommendations for top things to do in Étretat…

things to do in Saint-Malo france

10 Best Things to Do in Saint-Malo, France

Perched on the picturesque Emerald Coast of Brittany in northwestern France lies the enchanting walled port city of Saint-Malo. With its awe-inspiring fortifications overlooking the sea, sandy beaches perfect for strolling, and charming mix of modern amenities with medieval architecture along the narrow cobblestone streets, Saint-Malo offers the quintessential French coastal getaway. I’ll highlight some…

Things to do in Guethary France

10 Best Things to Do in Guéthary, France

Nestled along the picturesque Basque Coast in southwestern France lies the charming seaside town of Guéthary. With its beautiful stretch of beach, impressive cliffs overlooking the Bay of Biscay, and quaint village squares dotted with small shops and cafés, Guethary offers a delightful French retreat off the typical tourist trail. I’ll highlight some of my…

Gastronomic Restaurants paris IMG_9361
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7 Best Gastronomic Restaurants in Paris

They say Parisians live to eat, not eat to live, and after indulging my way through some of the city’s famous gastronomic restaurants I’m convinced this sentiment rings true. Paris boasts a dazzling array of culinary delights, ranging from cozy neighborhood bistros to extravagant multi-course meals prepared by legendary chefs in ornate dining rooms. Today…

Modern restaurants Paris IMG_1134
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5 Modern French Restaurants to Try in Paris

Paris dazzles with its timeless beauty, iconic historical landmarks, and romantic alleys, but did you know the city’s dining scene shines with modern brilliance? As an unabashed foodie and lover of all things French cuisine, I love to indulge in some of Paris’ best modern restaurants, which I’ll share with you today. Several notable top…

Michelin starred restaurants paris guy savoy IMG_9337
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10 Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants in Paris

Paris – the city of light, love, and exquisite cuisine. As a self-proclaimed foodie and lover of all things French, I was eager to indulge in the best dishes the city has to offer when I recently visited. Naturally, I set my sights on exploring the Michelin-starred restaurants that have earned Paris its reputation as…

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Dome_DSCF2973

History of the Famous Galeries Lafayette Glass Dome

The iconic glass dome of Galeries Lafayette in Paris is a significant architectural feature that has become synonymous with the department store’s identity. Construction and Design The Galeries Lafayette department store was founded by Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn in 1893. In 1912, with the vision to create a grand and luxurious shopping destination, the…

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Rooftop_DSCF3014

How to Visit the Galeries Lafayette Rooftop and What to Do

Perched atop the landmark Galeries Lafayette department store in central Paris, the store’s rooftop offers stunning 360-degree views of the city’s iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Montmartre. The rooftop terrace also features Créatures restaurant serving modern French cuisine to enjoy along with the panoramas, as well as a greenhouse filled…

Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann Beauty_DSCF2934

Galeries Lafayette Haussmann Store Tour (Women) Floor by Floor

With its stunning Art Nouveau glass dome and ornate belle époque architecture, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is more than just a department store – it’s a Parisian landmark. As one of the city’s most iconic shopping destinations, Galeries Lafayette stores draw visitors from around the world who browse its expansive offerings in fashion, cosmetics, home goods,…

Madeleine Church Paris France_IMG_4661

Saint Marie-Madeleine Church (Église de la Madeleine) Paris

The Church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, commonly known as La Madeleine, is a prominent Roman Catholic church located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France. Its construction began in 1764 under the direction of the architect Pierre Constant d’Ivry. However, due to various interruptions, including the French Revolution, the church’s completion took several decades. Site History For…

Cafe Madeleine Paris_DSCF2823
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Café Madeleine Paris

Café Madeleine is one of the best cafés in the Madeleine neighborhood of Paris. You can eat a delicious fresh croissant while overlooking the beautiful Madeleine Church from behind. Its terrace overlooks the open Place de la Madeleine plaza, which is a great spot for people-watching, too. The area is not far from the Galeries…

Arthouse cinemas Paris Cinema du Pantheon IMG_1435
Art & Culture

6 Best Arthouse Cinemas in Paris

Arthouse cinemas, known in French as “cinémas d’art et d’essai,” have a rich history in Paris, France. The rise of these cinemas began in the early 20th century. They differentiated themselves from mainstream cinemas by showcasing non-commercial, experimental, and international films. Paris, with its deep-rooted love for the arts, became a hub for these unique…

Best Hotels in Madeleine Paris_Hotel Opera Opal IMG_1356

10 Best Hotels In and Around La Madeleine Paris

La Madeleine is one of Paris’s most iconic landmarks, nestled in the heart of the city’s bustling 8th arrondissement. Beyond its grandeur and rich history, this chic area is surrounded by hotels that cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking the opulence of a five-star establishment or the quaint charm of a boutique…

Place de la Madeleine Paris IMG_1368

Place de la Madeleine, Paris

Place de la Madeleine is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France. Historically, its story began in the late 18th century when Louis XV commissioned the construction of a church in honor of Sainte Marie-Madeleine. The site underwent several architectural plans and changes, with designs by notable architects like Pierre-Alexandre Vignon. The final neo-classical…

French government Presidential elections IMG_2176

How does the French Government work?

Curious how the French government works? I’ll give you a brief overview to help you out. The French government operates as a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic. This means that it combines elements of both presidential and parliamentary systems. The government structure is divided into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The executive branch is…

rooftop bars paris IMG_0541
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5 Best Rooftop Bars in Paris

Known as the City of Light, Paris dazzles from every vantage point. But to truly soak in the magic of this iconic destination, you need to see it from above. Rooftop bars offer some of the best views in Paris, letting you take in the city’s architecture, monuments, and romantic atmosphere from new heights. I’ll…

What is france famous for DSCF2257

What is France Famous and Known For? 25 Things

With its iconic monuments, sophisticated cuisine, renowned art and fashion, and idyllic countryside, it’s no wonder France remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations. This magical country offers endless possibilities to explore, from the dazzling City of Lights to quaint villages and majestic mountains. I live in France and today I’ll highlight some of…

Babka Zana Rugelach IMG_0559
Eat & Drink

Babka Zana Boulangerie in Paris

Babka Zana is a bakery and eatery located in Paris, France. It specializes in serving Babka, a type of sweet braided bread of Eastern European origin. This bakery is renowned for offering a range of Babka flavors, including classic chocolate, cinnamon, and some unique seasonal variations. Apart from Babka, the bakery sells yummy baked goods,…

Nightlife paris IMG_0534
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Paris Nightlife: How to Party like the French

Paris nightlife is vibrant and diverse, offering a range of experiences for both residents and tourists. In the heart of the city, there are numerous options including bars, clubs, and restaurants that stay open late. Traditionally, nightlife starts late with many Parisians dining around 9 pm, followed by visits to bars and clubs. Paris Nightlife…

Dalloyau Roule Noisettes IMG_0282
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Dalloyau Paris

Dalloyau Paris is a renowned pastry house with a rich heritage rooted in the French culinary tradition. Its inception can be traced back to 1682 when Charles Dalloyau started serving at the court of Louis XIV, the king of France at the time, as Officier de Bouche, or the head of tasting. The expertise and…

Jean Paul Hevin IMG_0266
Eat & Drink

Jean-Paul Hévin Paris

Jean-Paul Hévin is a renowned French chocolatier and pastry chef. Born on February 24, 1957, in Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel, France, he developed a passion for the culinary arts at a young age. Hévin pursued his training in pastry and chocolate craftsmanship in Paris. His talent was recognized early in his career when he won the Meilleur Ouvrier…

afternoon tea paris IMG_0530
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9 Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Paris

Bonjour dear readers! Is there anything more refined than sipping tea and nibbling dainty sandwiches and pastries in the afternoon? This beloved British tradition has been perfected into an art form in Paris. While exploring the City of Lights, I made it my mission to find the best spots for an indulgent afternoon tea service…

Paris foods Macarons IMG_0210
Eat & Drink

10 Best Paris Foods to Eat in the City of Light

Bonjour foodies! When I think of Paris, images of buttery croissants, flaky pain au chocolat, and steaming bowls of onion soup immediately come to mind. As one of the global capitals of cuisine, the City of Light offers no shortage of incredible foods to tempt your tastebuds. From Michelin-starred restaurants to charming corner bistros, the…

Yann Couvreur Pistache Lover pastry IMG_0189
Eat & Drink

Yann Couvreur Paris

Yann Couvreur is a renowned pastry chef in Paris, France. He began his pastry journey at the young age of 15. Prior to establishing his own brand, he honed his skills in various prestigious establishments including the Prince de Galles Hotel, where he served as the head pastry chef. In 2016, he decided to start…

L'Eclair de Genie_IMG_9444
Eat & Drink

L’Éclair de Génie Paris

L’Éclair de Génie is a renowned patisserie based in Paris, France. It was founded by pastry chef Christophe Adam. Before starting this venture, Adam had a distinguished career, working at prominent establishments such as the luxury hotel Le Gavroche in London and the famous Fauchon in Paris. In 2012, he established L’Éclair de Génie, where…

Theatre de la Renaissance IMG_9880
Art & Culture

Théâtre de la Renaissance

The Théâtre de la Renaissance is a historical theater located in Paris, France. It was established in 1873 by Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas, two prominent figures in the French literary scene. Initially, the theater was a platform for the performances of romantic plays, a popular genre during that time. In the 1850s, the theater…

luxury shopping in paris Chanel rue cambon IMG_9507

Luxury Shopping in Paris: Your Ultimate Guide

Paris, often hailed as the fashion capital of the world, beckons visitors with a promise of luxury and elegance where you can buy anything your heart desires. Amidst its historic streets and magnificent architecture lies an unparalleled world of luxury shopping. Esteemed fashion houses, like Chanel and Louis Vuitton, have their origins here, selling not…

The Coffee Smart Coffee Shop Le Marais Paris IMG_9461
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The Coffee: smart coffee shops in Paris

On the hunt for a coffee fix in Paris? In the trendy lower Marais district is a new kind of coffee shop from Japan: the coffee. This coffee shop is a technology-first “smart” coffee shop with a few tech-enabled features not found in most Parisian coffee shops. It offers a menu and ordering via an…

Paris helicopter tours

3 Best Paris Helicopter Tours

Bonjour guys! As an avid traveler and Francophile, I’m always seeking out new and exciting ways to experience the City of Light. And let me tell you, there’s no better way to get a bird’s eye view of Paris than from a helicopter tour. The only question is, which tour offers the most stunning sights…

What to buy in Paris_IMG_2024

What to Buy in Paris: Best Things to Take Home

Paris is not only a fantastic city to explore, but also a wonderful place to shop for unique Paris souvenirs and gifts. From local handicrafts to fancy French foods, Paris offers many amazing items that serve as the perfect memory of your visit. I’ll highlight some of the best souvenirs to look out for and…

Best Frog Legs Roger La Grenouille, Paris
Eat & Drink

Best Frog Legs in Paris

French cuisine is renowned for its finesse and flavor, but one distinctive delicacy you’ll find on menus across Paris might surprise some visitors – frog legs! While the idea of eating frogs may seem unusual to the uninitiated, frog legs are cherished in France as delicious, tender meat. If you’re looking to sample the best…

Brasserie Lipp IMG_9226
Eat & Drink

Brasserie Lipp

Brasserie Lipp is a historic establishment located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area of Paris, France. It was founded in 1880 by Léonard Lipp, a refugee from Alsace. Its popularity took off in the mid-20th century when it attracted figures like Ernest Hemingway and Albert Camus. Lipp became a well-known gathering place for intellectuals, writers, and journalists….

Studio 28 Paris Arthouse Cinema_IMG_6790
Art & Culture

Studio 28 Movie Theater in Paris

Studio 28 is a historic cinema situated in the Montmartre district of Paris, France. Founded in 1928 by Jean-Placide Mauclaire, it stands as one of the oldest cinemas in Paris. During its early years, it was a hub for avant-garde cinema, showcasing films by notable directors such as Luis Buñuel and Jean Cocteau. The cinema…

Gourmet food to buy in France IMG_9171
Eat & Drink

Gourmet Food in Paris: What to Buy and Best Food Shops

Paris is a food lover’s paradise, especially for those seeking out gourmet delicacies and culinary treasures. From historic outdoor markets to charming specialty shops, this city offers endless opportunities to taste and buy amazing French foods. I’ll highlight some of the best places in Paris to pick up gourmet ingredients, baked goods, cheese, wine, and…

Theatre de la Renaissance IMG_9881
Art & Culture

7 Famous Theaters in Paris, France

Paris is a city known for art, culture, and entertainment. From historic theaters hosting plays, operas, and ballets to modern venues showcasing concerts and events, Paris has some of the most renowned performance spaces in the world. I live in Paris and today I’ll highlight some of the most famous theaters in the City of…

Best Restaurants in Paris guy savoy IMG_9332
Eat & Drink

15 Best Restaurants in Paris

Bienvenue à Paris, the globally acclaimed gastronomic capital of the world! Unfurling a cornucopia of culinary delights, this enchanting city offers a tantalizing blend of tradition and innovation, served up with a generous helping of French flair. From rustic bistros where time seems to stand still, to trendy cafés serving avant-garde fusion cuisine, and Michelin-starred…

Japanese restaurants paris IMG_0804
Eat & Drink

10 Japanese Restaurants in Paris

Bonjour, foodies! Paris is known for its haute French cuisine, but the city also boasts an impressive array of outstanding Japanese restaurants. From flavorful ramen shops to contemporary omakase concepts, Paris offers diverse and authentic Japanese dining options. Today I’m sharing my picks for the best Japanese restaurants in Paris. You’ll discover hidden gems serving…

French cooking classes paris france IMG_0782

5 Best Cooking Classes in Paris

Bonjour foodies! Looking to hone your culinary skills on your next visit to Paris? If learning to cook like the French is on your travel bucket list, you’ve come to the right place. Paris is a food lover’s dream destination, with plenty of hands-on cooking classes where you can master classic French techniques and recipes….

Wine bars Le Collier de la Reine Paris
Eat & Drink

7 Best Wine Bars in Paris

Bonjour wine lovers! As the capital of France, it’s no surprise that Paris offers a plethora of incredible wine bars where you can discover new favorite French vintages. Whether you prefer cozy, cave-like décor with extensive wine lists or modern minimalist spaces focused on natural wines, Paris has a wine bar to suit your tastes….

BO&MIE Raspberry Croissants Paris boulangerie
Eat & Drink

BO&MIE Boulangerie in Paris

BO&MIE is an excellent Parisian boulangerie and French bakery chain across Paris. Known for fresh, artisanal baked goods, BO&MIE sells delicious bread, pastries, and desserts. Using quality ingredients to create flavorful, handmade baked goods, BO&MIE has become a popular destination for locals and foodies alike. The bakery emphasizes a blend of traditional and modern baking…

Aux Crus de Bourgogne restaurant Paris IMG_4652
Eat & Drink

Aux Crus de Bourgogne

Aux Crus de Bourgogne is a popular steak restaurant in Paris not far from Rue Montorgueil. The name itself translates to “The Raws of Burgundy” in English. This 1900 restaurant is known for dishes that primarily focus on traditional Burgundian cuisine including steak. I had a delicious steak with bérnaise sauce here and enjoyed every…

Truffle Pizza in paris IMG_1676
Eat & Drink

Where to Eat Truffles in Paris

Bonjour foodies! If you find yourself in the City of Light and love indulging in luxurious ingredients like truffles, you’ve come to the right place. Paris offers many opportunities to taste decadent truffle dishes, from elegant restaurants to charming cafés. I’ll share my picks for the top places to sample French cuisine beautifully accented with…

La Galcante paris IMG_1948

La Galcante: printed matter from decades past

La Galcante is a unique shop located in the hipster Bastille area of the 12th arrondissement in Paris, France not far from the Square Trousseau. It specializes in selling rare and vintage periodicals, newspapers, and documents. Founded by a publication collector named Christian Bailly in 1975, the name of the shop is a merge between…

Fondue in Paris DSCF2236
Eat & Drink

5 Best Fondue and Raclette Places in Paris

There’s nothing that says cozy winter in Paris like sharing a pot of gooey, cheese fondue or raclette with your friends. Fondue one of the city’s tastiest winter traditions. Fondue may have originated in Switzerland, but the French have put their own spin on this classic comfort food. With hundreds of fondues restaurants dotting the…

Italian restaurants paris IMG_6056
Eat & Drink

7 Best Italian Restaurants in Paris

Bonjour fellow foodies! in a cosmopolitan destination like Paris, you can find outstanding international cuisine, including Italian food. Over my years living in Paris, I’ve sampled some of the top Italian eateries and found the tastiest plates of pasta, pizza, and more. These are my picks for the best Italian restaurants in Paris. From fine…

Stohrer oldest pastry shop in paris IMG_6078
Eat & Drink

Stohrer: the oldest patisserie in Paris

Stohrer is the oldest patisserie in Paris, dating back to 1730 when it was founded by the the pastry chef for King Louis XV of France. This prestigious patisserie has been serving Parisians and visitors for nearly three centuries! The French pastry shop is located on the famous Rue Montorgueil, a busy market street in…

Eat Cheap in Paris Bouillon IMG_6561
Eat & Drink

Where to Eat Cheap in Paris

In the heart of the city where haute cuisine and illustrious eateries seem to grace every corner, finding a delightful yet budget-friendly dining experience in Paris might seem like a daunting task. But fear not, for the City of Lights harbors a plethora of culinary gems where you can savor authentic and delectable meals without…

Opera de Paris Bastille paris DSCF2274
Art & Culture

Opéra Bastille

The Opéra de Paris Bastille, also known as the Bastille Opera, is a modern addition to the cultural fabric of Paris, France, located on the historic Place de la Bastille plaza. It serves as one of the two homes of the Paris Opéra, the other being the historic Palais Garnier. The inception of the Bastille…

Comedie Francaise Paris Theater France
Art & Culture

La Comédie Française: the most revered theater in Paris

The Comédie-Française, also known as the Théâtre-Français for French Nation Theater, is one of the most revered and longstanding theatrical institutions in the world. Established in 1680 by a royal decree from Louis XIV, it merged several existing French theater companies of that era into a single state-sponsored entity, aiming to standardize French theater and…

what time do cafes open in paris IMG_9893
Eat & Drink

What Time Do Cafés Open in Paris?

In Paris, the opening hours of cafés can vary. Generally, many Parisian cafés open their doors early in the morning, around 7:00 to 8:00 AM, to serve breakfast to early risers and workers. However, it’s not uncommon to find cafes that open at different times, especially in tourist areas or depending on the specific business…

Best Frog Legs Roger La Grenouille, Paris
Eat & Drink

Roger La Grenouille, Paris

Roger La Grenouille, which translates to “Roger the Frog”, is a historic restaurant situated in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris, France. Established in 1930, it has enjoyed a long history of serving traditional French cuisine, with a particular focus on frog legs, a delicacy in French gastronomy. This establishment has become synonymous with this specialty…

Medieval Architecture Bibliotheque Forney Paris DSCF2288

Medieval Paris: Where to See Remnants of a Past Time

In the heart of modern Paris, where bustling streets echo with the symphony of contemporary life, there lies a hidden layer of history, a whispered narrative of a time shrouded in both mystery and grandeur. As one ventures into the quaint corners of the city, the vibrant resonance of the Middle Ages comes alive, painting…

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Folies Bergère, Paris

The Folies Bergère is a historic entertainment venue located in Paris, France. Founded in 1869, it is one of the city’s oldest and most iconic theaters. Initially envisioned as an opera house, it quickly gained fame as a variety theater, showcasing operettas, ballets, and pantomime performances. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the…

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How Do Cafés Work in Paris?

In Paris, cafés hold a significant place in the local culture, serving as popular spots for both socialization and leisure. They usually open in the early morning and close late at night. A typical Parisian café offers coffee, tea, pastries, and light meals. Seating is often available both inside and on the sidewalk, where patrons…

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23 Best Cafés in Paris, France

Ah, Paris—the city of love, art, and of course, exquisite Parisian cafés. There’s nothing quite like sitting at a quaint little table, sipping on a frothy cappuccino while watching the world go by against a backdrop of historic monuments and chic Parisians. Frequenting one of the best cafés in Paris is a great way to…

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7 Best Candy Stores in Paris

Welcome to the city of love, where romance isn’t the only thing that’s sweet! Paris, a destination renowned for its world-class cuisine, also offers a delightful array of candy shops that are nothing short of confectionery wonders. Whether you’re a die-hard chocoholic or a gummy aficionado, the French capital promises to fulfill all your sugary…

Best Creperies in Paris IMG_8683
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10 Best Crêperies in Paris

Paris—the city of love, art, and of course, crêpes! After strolling down the cobblestone streets, taking in the iconic architecture, and soaking up the history, there’s no experience quite like pausing at a local crêperie to indulge in a delicious French crêpe. Whether you’re craving a classic Nutella-filled delight or a savory galette oozing with…

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12 Best Libraries in Paris with Incredible Beauty

As an avid reader and traveler, I’m always on the hunt for stunning libraries around the world that offer not just extensive collections, but beautiful historic architecture that transports you to another time. During my latest trip to Paris, I researched some of the most magnificent historic libraries that Paris has to offer. From medieval…

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13 Best Bookstores in Paris, France

Welcome to a literary journey through the City of Light! Paris, a city renowned for its rich cultural tapestry, is a haven for bibliophiles. In this iconic metropolis where luminaries like Victor Hugo and Ernest Hemingway found inspiration, independent bookshops and grand bookstores alike offer literary treasures amidst intriguing spaces. It’s easy to find bookstores…

Palais des Papes Avignon DSC_0831

Palais des Papes

The Palais des Papes, or the Papal Palace, is a historical palace located in the beautiful Place du Palais open square in Avignon, France, and it’s one of the most important Gothic architectural buildings in Europe. Its construction and use over the centuries is deeply tied to the history of the Papacy and the Catholic…