How to Take Good Travel Photos

Photography is a big part of why I travel. I love taking photos of landscapes, buildings, attractions, monuments, food, experiences, and more. I’ve learned a few things during my many travels about getting good travel photos during a trip. Here are my best travel photography tips! It isn’t all about just having a good travel…

Make Free Calls to the USA from Abroad

How to Make Free Calls to the USA from Abroad

If you’re an American abroad who needs to call home, keep your credit card in your wallet! I’ve got three solid options for calling American numbers, even landlines, while traveling. All you need is a good wifi connection and a smartphone or computer. Here is how to make free calls to the US from abroad! …

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Health is something we take for granted. One day we’re feeling great and the next day – we’re hit with a cold, or ache we can’t explain! Unfortunately, traveling exacerbates any immune deficiencies we have in our bodies. We become exposed to new bacteria, new germs and new viruses when we travel making it really…

Travel Insurance

10 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance Before Your Next Trip

Travel insurance isn’t the first thing you think of when you start planning a trip abroad. Researching beaches, hotels, and restaurants is so much more fun, right? However, travel insurance has become all the more important now that we all know what it’s like to live through a global pandemic. Today I want to talk…

Self Employment_IMG_0190

Why Self-Employment Is the Key to Traveling More

If you want to travel more, you should consider self-employment as a means to gain control of your time while still earning money. I feel like most people either jump at the chance to become self-employed or it terrifies them to pieces. I happened to be of the former group, and let me tell you:…

How to Protect Money While Traveling

How to Protect Your Money While Traveling

Theft is an unfortunate reality in today’s world. Travelers are a favorite target of thieves because they’re often distracted – by looking for a street name or just admiring a monument or new place they’re exploring. It’s necessary to protect your money while traveling so you don’t find yourself without access to money abroad or…

Remote Job_IMG_3209

How to Get a Remote Job So You Can Travel the World

Whenever someone asks me how I’m able to travel so often, I always tell them the truth: I have a remote job! People are sometimes a little skeptical, but working remotely is becoming more and more common than you may think. Renting an office is expensive, and companies realize that office workers don’t mind working…


The Best Debit Cards for International Travelers

A while back I started researching the best debit cards for international travel. Most banks charge fees to withdraw cash from a non-affiliated ATM and these fees can get pretty high especially while abroad. If you’re going to be traveling regularly, you want a debit card that is free of all fees as they can…