Basque architecture
Basque Country

Basque Architecture Characteristics & Styles

Basque architecture refers to the architectural styles and traditions found in the Basque Country, a region spanning parts of northern Spain and southwestern France. It’s a unique and distinctive architectural heritage shaped by the historical, cultural, and geographical factors of the Basque people. History The history of Basque architecture is deeply rooted in the region’s…

Things to Do in Basque Country France
Basque Country

12 Best Things to Do in the French Basque Country

Nestled between the towering Pyrenees and the majestic Atlantic Ocean, the Basque Country of France is a hidden gem, bursting with natural beauty, vibrant culture, and a unique heritage that dates back thousands of years. This picturesque region is famed for its stunning landscapes, rich traditions, world-renowned cuisine, and lively festivals. Whether you’re a history…

Colline du Château, Nice

21 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

I’ve always been fascinated by cities in Europe. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Europe fairly often for my job, and each time I visited a new city in Europe, I found a new reason to fall in love with the continent. Paris Many people believe Paris is the most beautiful city in Europe,…

Port de Soller Mallorca_DSCF1598

15 Best Mediterranean Towns You Can’t Miss

Who could possibly deny that the Mediterranean is one of the most beautiful and captivating regions on Earth? The sea, salty air, delectable food, hospitable people, diverse and heart-stopping landscapes, unbeatable weather. Need I go on? Generally, when people think of the Mediterranean, their minds instantly jump to the same few countries: France, Spain, Italy,…


7 Shockingly Affordable European Travel Destinations

While Europe isn’t known for being cheap (looking at you Paris & London!), don’t think the entire continent is off limits if you’re hoping to travel on a budget to Europe. There are quite a few shockingly affordable European travel destinations you can jet off to and still get the full European experience. Here are…


12 Europe Travel Tips for First-Time Travelers

Working remotely has its perks – and nonstop travel is one of them! I spent the majority of a year crossing the Atlantic multiple times to stay as long as I could legally (3 months) in Europe. During that time, there were many ups but also many lessons learned, which I’d like to share with you…


7 Best Small Towns in Europe to Visit for a Local Feel

There’s something about a charming small town that makes me smile. They’re easy to navigate, the people are friendlier and, if you’re really lucky, they can be just as beautiful as the big cities. From the winding roads to the local culinary specialties, each of these small towns had a unique aspect to them that…


Portugal and Spain Itinerary (6 Weeks or One Month)

I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I’m heading to Spain and Portugal this fall, for a one-month or 6-week trip through the southern part of these beautiful countries! I’m writing to you from the airport in New York, where I’ll take off shortly with TAP Portugal. Barcelona will be my first stop, with…