Health is something we take for granted. One day we’re feeling great and the next day – we’re hit with a cold, or ache we can’t explain! Unfortunately, traveling exacerbates any immune deficiencies we have in our bodies. We become exposed to new bacteria, new germs and new viruses when we travel making it really easy to become sick. 

It’s important to stay healthy while traveling, but it’s not always easy to do. Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite ways to stay in good health while on a trip! In addition to the major CDC guidelines for travel, these tips will help you travel safely. 

Fresh fruit in Mexico - How To Stay Healthy While Traveling
Fresh fruit in Mexico

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important ways to stay healthy while traveling is to make sure you stay hydrated! Traveling can be extremely dehydrating in itself. You’re moving around, burning energy, and can’t take a water bottle through an airport. All of these factors make it hard to stay hydrated while traveling. Make it a priority to sip water throughout your trips the same way you would at home! Most western countries have drinkable tap water, and if they don’t, consider using a filtered water bottle instead. 

Mind Your Diet

While it’s always fun to try new foods when traveling, keep your diet in mind and opt for healthy snacks in between local delicacies! From energy bars to protein shakes, there are loads of ways to ensure you’re getting proper nutrition while away from home. 

Take Immune-Boosting Supplements

You can take an immune boosting supplement to ensure you’re at your peak self. Whether it is a multivitamin or a vitamin C tablet, adding a little boost to your daily routine will help your body stave off any unforeseen viruses or colds. While it can’t prevent getting sick entirely, your body will be able to fight what it comes in contact with much faster. 

Sleep Well

Getting good sleep is absolutely essential to our wellbeing and health. From jetlag to uncomfortable hotel beds, travel can easily get in the way of a good night’s sleep – not to mention, the endless list of things to do we want to check off our bucket list when we travel. A melatonin supplement can help you fall asleep faster and get adjusted to a new time zone when traveling. 

Get Light Exercise

Light exercise has a huge impact on our health. Taking walks and jogs during our travels is a great way to ensure our body stays in shape while traveling. This is probably one of the more easy and obvious ways to stay healthy while traveling as we all like to walk around and discover new places. 

Hand Sanitzier

Hand sanitizer is a must when traveling. You will come in contact with all sorts of new bacterias and viruses and cleaning your hands on the go is a great way to prevent these things from entering the body. Get a travel pack and gift some to your friends – I’m sure they will be much appreciated! 

There are lots of ways we can take steps to stay healthy and strong during our travels. I’d also recommend applying sunscreen before heading out for the day, even if it’s not hot. Protecting your skin is just as important in the long run as protecting our bodies in the short term! Stay healthy and happy travels.

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