In the 1st arrondissement lies one of the most quintessential Parisian streets: Rue Saint-Honoré. The street actually stretches quite long, and it becomes Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré around where it reaches the 8th arrondissement.

Rue Saint-Honoré is one of the oldest and most famous streets in Paris, with a history dating back centuries. It spans through 2 districts of the city, from the 1st arrondissement to the 8th arrondissement. The street’s length extends from Rue Royale to Rue des Pyramides, though historically, it was longer and extended beyond Rue Royale.

Like many streets in the center of Paris, Rue Saint-Honoré was constructed during or before the Middle Ages (prior to the 15th century).

The street’s name is derived from Saint Honoré, the patron saint of bakers. The street is said to be named after the Saint-Honoré church.

Rue Saint-Honore Paris_DSCF3329

The street is notable for being one of the main axes of Paris and a hub of commerce since the Middle Ages. In its earlier days, Rue Saint-Honoré was part of the main road that led from Paris to the northwest, connecting the city with other important regions.

The street extended beyond the official city walls, which is why part of it is called “Faubourg,” an old French term that loosely translates to “suburb” or “outside the city.”

Historically, Rue Saint-Honoré has played an important role in the cultural and political life of Paris. It was close to major landmarks such as the Louvre and the Tuileries Palace.

Today, Rue Saint-Honoré remains one of the most prestigious streets in Paris and a symbol of the city’s sophistication and elegance.

A Luxury Shopping Street

Rue Saint-Honoré is today associated with luxury and high-end shopping, as many designer boutiques and fashion houses are located along the street. It’s almost always busy during the day.

While today it is known as a luxury shopping destination, it has quite an illustrious history. Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were imprisoned on Rue Saint-Honoré before the French Revolution, and eventually it was the road Marie-Antoinette was carted along before her public death at Place de la Concorde.

Come take a tour of this famous Parisian street with me and see the best things to do on Rue Saint-Honoré!

Here are seven noteworthy addresses to discover if you find yourself on the Rue Saint Honoré.

Noteworthy Stops Along Rue Saint-Honoré

Place Colette

Place Colette is a beautiful square that leads to the Palais Royal. Have a coffee at Le Nemours café which overlooks the square. Rue Saint Honoré and Avenue de l’Opéra intersection

Saint Roch Church

The Eglise Saint Roch is a baroque church with a stunning façade on the Rue Saint Honoré. This is where Diderot is buried! 296 Rue Saint Honoré

Le Castiglione Café

Le Castiglione is an elegant café surrounded by lots of shopping. It’s a great place to stop and one of the few sidewalk cafés in the area. 235 Rue Saint Honoré

Hôtel Costes

Hôtel Costes is one of the trendiest hotels in Paris. They have a lovely courtyard where you can dine or sip cocktails. During the day or night, Costes is a magical experience!
239-241 Rue Saint Honoré

Aux Délices de Manon

Manon is the best boulangerie on this street! 400 Rue Saint Honoré

Astier de Villatte

Astier de Villatte is a porcelain designer and the brand’s shop is located on the east side of the street.

Astier de Villatte_Rue Saint-Honore Paris


Fragonard is a popular French perfumerie.

Fragonard_Rue Saint-Honore Paris_DSCF3305


Vilebrequin is one of the coolest French swimwear brands to shop.

Vilebrequin Rue Saint-Honore Paris France shopping


Christofle is where you can buy luxury homeware, upscale tableware, and French glassware.

Christofle Rue Saint-Honore Paris France luxury shopping


Stop by Guerlain for luxury French perfumes, skincare, and makeup.

Guerlain Rue Saint-Honore Paris France shopping


Celine is one of the coolest French minimalist luxury fashion brands.

Celine Rue Saint-Honore Paris_DSCF3355


Chanel is a classic, and there are several stores around this area as well as the nearby Rue Cambon.

Chanel Rue Saint-Honore Paris France luxury shopping


Dior is located across from Chanel and the little square is always bustling.

Dior Rue Saint-Honore Paris France luxury shopping

Admire the Place Vendôme from Rue Saint-Honoré

Soon, you’ll pass by the famous Place Vendôme, distinguished by its tall green tower.

Place Vendome intersection Rue Saint-Honore Paris France shopping

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is located on the corner of Rue Saint-Honoré and the street that leads to Place Vendôme.

Louis Vuitton Rue Saint-Honore Paris France shopping


Opposite Louis Vuitton, on the other corner of the plaza is the luxury jewelry retailer Chopard.

Chopard Rue Saint-Honore Paris France shopping

Saint Laurent Rive Droite

The right bank outpost of luxury fashion designer Saint Laurent (formerly YSL) is located on the street. There’s also a YSL coffee shop nearby where you can get coffee in branded black cups.

Saint Laurent store Rue Saint-Honore Paris_DSCF3310


There’s always a line outside the Goyard store when it’s open!

Goyard Rue Saint-Honore Paris France shopping


Longchamp Rue Saint-Honore Paris_DSCF3356


Chloe Rue Saint-Honore Paris_DSCF3345


Delvaux is a luxury Belgian handbag designer favored by the ‘old money’ European crowd.

Delvaux Rue Saint-Honore Paris France shopping

Continue on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Go beyond Rue Saint-Honoré and explore the street’s extension into the 8th arrondissement. There is still more to do and see! The street does become more calm and residential beyond this point, however.

Rue Saint Honoré, Paris

Élysée Palace

The Élysée Palace is the official residence of the President of France. Built in 1722, for Louis Henri de La Tour d’Auvergne, the location has served as the President’s office and residence since 1848. 55 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Rose Desgranges

This is a local flower shop hidden inside a charming cobblestone courtyard. 70 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Rue Saint Honoré, Paris

Honor Café

Honor is one of the few specialty coffee shops in the area. It is a must-stop if Aussie-style or third-wave coffee is your thing! 54 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

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