Rue de Rivoli is a long and famous street in central Paris. From high fashion shops to top restaurants to chic hotels, Rue de Rivoli has it all. Its name refers to a key victory of celebrated French military general: Napoléon Bonaparte. In 1797, Napoleon led France to a victory against the Austrian army at the Battle of Rivoli in Italy.

The street was part of Napoléon’s earliest efforts to create an urban city out of Paris that served both city residents and French aristocrats, a sort of modern town planning governed by French regulations.

Rue de Rivoli runs along many popular Paris attractions including the Louvre Museum and the Jardin des Tuileries. It runs from the 1st arrondissement all the way to the 4th arrondissement, near the Marais district of eastern Paris.

What to Do on Rue de Rivoli

The most popular stops along Rue de Rivoli include:

Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France
L'Impérial Café on Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France
Coffee and Croissant on Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France
Hotel Regina at dusk on Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France

Catch a glimpse of Place Vendôme from Rue de Rivoli:

View of Place Vendome from Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France
Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France
Vintage bistro table on Rue De Rivoli, Paris, France

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