The Starbucks located on the Boulevard des Capucines, just steps from the iconic Palais Garnier opera house, is widely considered one of the most beautiful Starbucks stores in the world.

Beautiful Starbucks Paris Opera boulevard capucines_DSCF3141

The two-story space resides in a historic 19th-century building with a stunning black façade. The interior maintains many original architectural elements like ornate molded ceilings, walls covered in wood panels, marble accents, and exquisite iron railings.

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Giant arched windows allow natural light to pour into the refined yet welcoming space. Plush velvet banquettes and antique chandeliers evoke the elegance of a Parisian café from a bygone era.

Starbucks Opera Paris_IMG_6205
Starbucks Opera Paris_IMG_6211

Fans have praised Starbucks for meticulously restoring and preserving the timeless beauty of this landmark building instead of imposing a generic corporate aesthetic. The refined ambiance provides a unique coffee experience that celebrates Paris’s architectural heritage.

Starbucks Opera Paris_IMG_6218

While surely not the original intent when constructed, this opulent coffee house allows modern people to sip beverages surrounded by Old World grandeur in the cultural heart of one of Europe’s most enchanting cities.

Starbucks Opera Paris_IMG_6220

3 Boulevard des Capucines
75002 Paris, France

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