Paris is a city that runs on coffee. The aromatic dark roast fuels busy professionals dashing between meetings, artists sketching scenes from sidewalk cafés, and lively university students debating philosophy late into the night. As a coffee addict myself, I make a point to visit the best coffee shops in every city I travel to. And Paris, with its strong café culture, offers plenty of excellent options.

I’m a Paris resident and today I’ll cover my favorite coffee shops in Paris, where you can get exceptional espresso drinks, relax in charming spaces, and soak in the city’s energy. From historical literary cafés to sleek third-wave roasters, you’ll discover where to go for the perfect café au lait, people-watching, and uniquely Parisian café ambiance.

So whether you’re a local expat looking for your newest neighborhood spot or a traveler searching for great coffee between sightseeing, read on for my picks for Paris’ top coffee shops this year.

Best Coffee Shops in Paris France

Café Kitsuné at Palais Royal is my all-time favorite coffee spot in Paris. Although the interior is small, you can grab a latte here and sit outside in the beautiful public park, enjoying the water fountain and sitting under the trees. 51 Gal de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

Nuances near Place Vendôme is a great central spot to meet for coffee. 25 Rue Danielle Casanova, 75001 Paris

Certified café at Beaupassage is tucked away in a hidden courtyard. They have a pretty large seating area, making it great for getting some work done. 83P Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

Noir on Ile Saint-Louis is a hidden gem in a residential area. I popped in recently and was surprised at how cozy it was! 63 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île, 75004 Paris

Partisan in Le Marais is a bright windowed café that is really lovely during the spring and summer when they open the doors so you can feel the breeze. 36 Rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris

Telescope Café is a small joint filled with local Parisians. It’s not very large, but it’s one of my favorite places to visit for coffee in Paris. 5 Rue Villédo, 75001 Paris

Caféothèque of Paris is one of the larger coffee shops in Paris, where you can actually choose for one of several rooms to sit down and enjoy coffee over conversation! 52 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville, 75004 Paris

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