Aki boulangerie is a delicious Japanese bakery operating near the center of Paris, in the Japanese district of the 1st/2nd arrondissement.

I had the chance to try this bakery one morning and I was blown away at how good my 2 Japanese pastries were!

Aki Boulangerie Japanese Bakery in Paris

My Japanese Pastries

Here are the pastries I tried at Aki.

Aki Boulangerie Paris japanese pastries

The pink one was a raspberry mochi, which has a rice gel exterior and a sweet creamy interior.

Aki Boulangerie Japanese Bakery in Paris

The green one was a larger breaded matcha pastry with a smooth, creamy filling.

Aki Boulangerie Paris matcha pastry
Aki Boulangerie Paris mochi framboise

I loved both of them!

A Few Things for Sale at Aki

Here’s a selection of a few treats for sale at Aki. You can taste the Mochis, Matcha crème melon pains, Japnese éclairs and bento boxes!

Aki Prices

Is Aki expensive? It’s not cheap, but not expensive either. I’d say that Aki prices are in line with most specialty bakeries in central Paris.

Aki Boulangerie Paris prices_DSCF3229

16 Rue Sainte-anne, Paris, FR 75001

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