The Comédie-Française, also known as the Théâtre-Français for French Nation Theater, is one of the most revered and longstanding theatrical institutions in the world. Established in 1680 by a royal decree from Louis XIV, it merged several existing French theater companies of that era into a single state-sponsored entity, aiming to standardize French theater and promote French culture.

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Situated in Paris and part of the Palais Royal complex, its inaugural troupe was granted the exclusive right to perform plays in French, fostering the development of the French dramatic arts considerably.

Over its extensive history, the Comédie-Française has played a critical role in the evolution of theatrical arts, not only in France but globally. It has been a nurturing ground for a series of renowned playwrights like Molière, Jean Racine, and Pierre Corneille, whose works fundamentally shaped the classical French theatre repertoire. The theater’s nickname even became La Maison de Molière.

The institution has steadfastly maintained a repertoire of these classic works, performed alongside contemporary productions, helping to preserve the rich theatrical traditions and promoting French literary heritage.

The Comédie-Française is famous for its relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and for being a repository of French theatrical tradition. Its actors, known as “sociétaires”, undergo rigorous training and are considered among the finest in the profession.

Its contribution to the enrichment and propagation of French culture and language has been substantial, attracting audiences from around the world who come to witness the pinnacle of theatrical artistry. The Comédie Française is the French hub of theatrical brilliance in France.

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