Le Champo is a historic cinema located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, France. It’s renowned for its cultural significance and its ties to France’s cinematic heritage. The full name of the cinema is “Le Champo – Espace Jacques Tati.”

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Opened in 1938, Le Champo is known for its dedication to screening classic, art-house, and independent films. It has been an essential movie venue in Paris for showcasing a wide range of cinema, including retrospectives, premieres of new films, and thematic series.

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This cinema has gained a reputation for its commitment to showcasing diverse and innovative films and remains an important cultural institution in Paris, attracting both locals and tourists interested in cinema and film history. The theater’s name pays homage to the renowned French filmmaker Jacques Tati, known for his distinctive style and contribution to cinema.

Le Champo Showtimes
51 Rue des Écoles
75005 Paris, France

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