On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more refreshing than an iced coffee. As I wandered the streets of Paris recently on a particularly sweltering afternoon, I was craving something cold and caffeinated. Much to my surprise and delight, iced coffee seems to have become quite popular among Parisians as of late. Specialty coffee shops all over the city now offer chilled espresso drinks to help everyone beat the heat.

These are some of my favorite spots to get iced coffee. From classic cafés serving up cold brew on ice to third-wave specialty shops pulling intricate iced espresso shots, Paris has quickly become an unexpected haven for iced coffee lovers.

Let’s discover the hottest new chilled coffee trends in one of the world’s most iconic and romantic cities. Whether you’re looking to cool off with something icy and sweet or simply want to sip cold brew like a local, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for where to get your next iced coffee fix in Paris.

White Coffee in the Marais

I came across White coffee recently and had a delicious iced white rose matcha latte.

Iced Coffee in Paris White rose matcha latte in Le Marais

Café Kitsuné

The Café Kitsuné coffee shop chains are great places to get an iced latte or coffee in Paris. They’re always reliable and taste delicious. The only downside is the line is usually fairly long, especially during the busy weekend hours!


Lastly, Season in the Marais is one of my favorite places to get an iced coffee in Paris. They’re happy to serve you an iced drink with oat milk or almond milk, too. If you’re lactose intolerant, this is the place for you. Season is a health food restaurant that uses whole food ingredients, so I always feel great supporting them.

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