Germany Ulm best cafés in Ulm

best cafés in Ulm

Update: Café Kutter has closed :(

My need for caffeine quickly began to trump my wanderlust of Ulm, and eventually I came across a minimalist café called Café Kutter. Little black tables were lined up outside the entrance, and I could see some lush white sheepskin throws on the benches inside. Looks cozy to me!

Café Kutter Ulm
Café Kutter Ulm
Café Kutter Ulm
Café Kutter Ulm
Café Kutter Ulm

The café is centrally located in front of a large cobblestoned plaza. It occupies two floors decorated with plenty of seating, blankets and pillows. The owners were super friendly and even recommended a German restaurant for me to eat in!

Café Kutter
Marktpl. 14, 89073
Ulm, Germany

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