In the mood for specialty coffee in Munich? These are the best cafés in Munich, Germany for a cup of java to wake you up in the morning!

Stereo Cafe Munich View

The most well-known and highly regarded cafes in Munich, Germany are:

  1. Frischhut – Known for its pastries and traditional Bavarian breakfast.
  2. Viktualienmarkt – Offers a delightful outdoor experience and local food.
  3. Man Versus Machine – A specialty coffee shop famous for its artisanal brews.
  4. Kaffeeküche – Popular for its freshly baked cakes and finely crafted espresso.
  5. Standl 20 – A small espresso bar in the heart of the city, appreciated for its quality coffee.
  6. Café Frischhut – Renowned for its traditional German pastries, particularly its pretzels.
  7. Vits der Kaffee – A cozy place famous for its historic ambiance and rich-tasting coffee.
Stereo Cafe Munich Food Bircher Musli
Stereo Cafe Munich Food Bircher Musli

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