A few blocks away from the Gare de Lyon lies Rue Crémieux, arguably the most colorful street in all of Paris! The street stands out amongst the sea of faded cream buildings that Paris is known for and even seems out of place at times! The brightly colored building facades look like they could belong in Notting Hill, London, or even Menton, in the south of France!

Rue Cremieux, Paris

The cobblestone-paved street is actually residential and draws numerous visitors each afternoon due to its soaring popularity on Instagram. I recommend visiting in the morning for this reason! :) I love the little flower pots and plants which give the street a small-village vibe, despite being not far from the center of Paris!

Rue Cremieux, Paris

The pastel street dates back to 1865 when it was called Avenue Millaud, but just a few years later in 1897, it was changed to Rue Crémieux.

Pink and White House on Rue Cremieux in Paris

Rue Crémieux lies in the 12th arrondissement, not far from Place de La Bastille and its historic Colonne de Juillet monument and the Seine River.

Rue Cremieux, Paris

It’s part of the hip and trendy Bastille neighborhood of Paris!

Hot Pink House on Rue Cremieux in Paris
Rue Cremieux, Paris
Rue Cremieux, Paris
Rue Cremieux, Paris
Rue Cremieux, Paris
Green House on Rue Cremieux, Paris
Rue Cremieux, Paris
Blue House on Rue Cremieux, Paris
The Most Instagrammable Street in Paris
Where to Find the Most Colorful Street in Paris: Rue Crémieux
Where to Find the Most Colorful Street in Paris

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  1. Rue Cremieux is a visually captivating street in Paris, thanks to its charming pastel-colored houses and cobblestone paths. Discovered through an article, the vibrant allure of this hidden gem mostly lives up to expectations. However, the street’s popularity has led to overcrowding, especially during peak hours, which can hinder the originally promised serene atmosphere. Navigating through the narrow street amid enthusiastic photographers can be challenging, affecting the overall experience. While the article provides valuable insights into Rue Cremieux, it may benefit from addressing these downsides for a more balanced perspective, helping visitors prepare for potential inconveniences. Despite the crowds, Rue Cremieux remains a must-visit destination, and the informative article serves as a useful guide for exploring this colorful haven in Paris.

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