The Grand Rex is an iconic cinema and movie theater located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, France. Built in 1932, this Parisian entertainment venue is renowned for its Art Deco design and Europe’s largest screens.

The main auditorium, which can accommodate over 2,800 viewers, features a starry sky ceiling and an opulent interior that evokes the golden age of cinema. Beyond serving as a movie theater and welcoming celebrities for film premieres, the Grand Rex also hosts concerts, opera performances, and live events.

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The Grand Rex was opened on December 8, 1932, by Jacques Haïk, a French film producer and distributor. He was inspired by American movie palaces and aimed to bring a similarly grand experience to Parisian audiences.

The design of the cinema was undertaken by architect Auguste Bluysen, who worked in collaboration with American theatre designer John Eberson to bring the concept to life.

Since its opening, the Grand Rex has become a landmark in the realm of French cinema and entertainment, drawing crowds for its luxurious ambiance as well as for its programming. The cinema has undergone renovations and technological upgrades, but it has retained its Art Deco charm and status as Europe’s largest and most iconic movie theater.

Le Grand Rex has achieved landmark status and stands as a symbol of France’s rich cinematic heritage.

Le Grand Rex
1 Boulevard Poissonnière
75002 Paris, France

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