Known for its hipster vibe, art scene, and culinary delights, Williamsburg has become one of the top destinations in Brooklyn for both locals and visitors. Foodies flock to this neighborhood to check out some of the best bakeries in New York City, which churn out creative confections, classic breads, and Instagram-worthy sweets.

I’ll share my picks for the top bakeries you must visit on your next trip to Williamsburg. From French patisseries perfecting viennoiserie to custom cookie shops drawing long lines, you’ll want to make room in your itinerary – and your stomach – for these outstanding bakeries.

I’ve compiled spots that not only offer exemplary baked goods but also contain that quintessential Brooklyn charm in their decor and atmosphere. Grab a coffee and get ready to feast your eyes on the best bakeries Williamsburg has to offer.


With a charming interior reminiscent of a European bakery, Bakeri offers freshly baked bread, pastries, and cookies. Their homemade sourdough and croissants are crowd favorites, along with their seasonal pie selection.

Somehow I managed to pick one of the coldest days in New York to explore waterfront Brooklyn. I was in search of one of the best bakeries in Williamsburg! Making my way to Wythe Avenue, the windy streets were barren, yet when I stepped inside Bakeri, an intimate café a few blocks from the water, it was packed with people!

Bakeri Brooklyn

Bakeri is a tiny bakery and restaurant serving up American dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Only a few tables were set up in the front, a long table to the side, and a cute sofa loveseat near the back patio door. Because every seat was taken, I opted to sit in the backyard patio which was (thankfully) shielded from the wind!

I ordered brioche and a latte, and sat at a dark marbled table with rose pink chairs.

150 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Martha’s Country Bakery

With an extensive menu of traditional American baked goods, Martha’s Country Bakery is a great place to find classic favorites. Their extensive selection of cakes, pies, and cheesecakes caters to every sweet tooth.

Patisserie Tomoko

A blend of French technique with Japanese flavors, Patisserie Tomoko presents unique pastries, such as matcha-infused éclairs and yuzu tarts. The tasting menu option offers a curated experience of their best offerings.

Ceremonia Bakeshop

This artisanal bakery opened in 2021 and specializes in Mexican baked goods like conchas, piloncillo cookies, and tres leches cake. Ceremonia uses high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques. Many reviewers praise their fluffy conchas and sweet breads.

La Bicyclette Bakery

La Bicyclette is a French bakery that’s been around since 1999. They make classic French pastries like croissants, pain au chocolat, and macarons using traditional techniques. Their proximity to the Bedford L train stop makes them popular with commuters.

Levain Bakery

With locations in Manhattan as well, Levain is known for its giant, thick cookies packed with chocolate chips. They also sell breads, cakes and pies. Expect a line out the door for their cookies on weekends.

Charlotte Patisserie

Charlotte Patisserie is a relative newcomer (opened in 2020) that specializes in French pastries, tarts, cakes, and viennoiserie. Their beautiful creations have earned them a loyal following and great reviews. They offer interesting flavors like matcha, yuzu and pink peppercorn.

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