Austin is known for many things: BBQ, food trucks and… art murals.

It’s hard to not notice the many colorful murals that line the streets of Austin in neighborhoods from Downtown to South Congress to East Austin. Perhaps the most famous is the “Greetings from Austin” mural located on the corner of S 1st and W Annie streets.

The Austin Texas street murals have a long history dating back to the late 1970s. During this time, several artists began to paint murals on the sides of buildings throughout the city, often as a form of protest or to promote a cause. The movement then grew to include more local artists, and by the late 1980s, more murals were being created.

Today, Austin is known for its vibrant street art scene. The city is home to well over 200 murals, and many of them are large-scale and often done as collaborations between artists. The art is often a reflection of the city’s culture and values, as well as being a source of pride for the city.

In recent years, local artists have been working together to create large-scale murals that span multiple buildings. These murals are often used to highlight local causes and bring attention to social issues. The murals also serve to brighten up the city and bring more beauty and color to its streets.

Many more murals have popped up and it was such a delight to see these brightly colored murals on the street and snap a photo during my visit. Here are some of my favorite Austin murals from walking around the city.

Greetings From Austin South Congress Austin Murals
Willie For President Austin Murals
Texas Custom Boots Austin Murals
Selena Austin Murals
Pink Graphic W Milton St Austin Murals
Merry Texmas Austin Murals
Lover Fighter Austin Murals

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