Rue Frochot, South Pigalle


Rue Frochot cuts right through the South Pigalle neighborhood. It’s surrounded by many bonnes adresses like the Grand Pigalle Hotel, Buvette, and the KB Caféshop. During my walk around the area, I was happy to discover a building with a beautiful glass mosaic on the side in the shape of abstract ocean waves. Across the passage way was an old house with wood paneling on the front. Upon closer inspection I learned this was Jean Renoir’s former dwelling, and a beautiful multi-colored cat had made himself right at home on the window ledge! Down the street, I discovered the Hotel Frochot and another hotel called simply “Le Pigalle.”

Jean Renoir's house on Rue Frochot
Rue Frochot Cat
Rue Frochot
Hotel Rue Frochot
Le Pigalle Hotel Rue Frochot

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