Coming home to New York was one of the happiest days of my year. I arrived on an absolutely beautiful afternoon, dropped my suitcase and headed straight to the office. On my way, I had to admire the lush trees that flourished in Madison Square Park, each a different autumn hue of orange, yellow or dark green…

Madison Square Park is a popular park in the Flatiron district of midtown Manhattan. It’s not far from the Flatiron building, a short walk away from Union Square and Penn Station.

The area in and around Madison Square Park formerly served as an arsenal for the US Army and later a juvenile delinquent center during the 19th century.

The park was named after the 4th President of United States: James Madison. The adjacent Madison Avenue was named after the park itself. On May 10, 1847 the park was finally opened to the public! The surrounding streets and brownstone homes quickly became desirable for the aristocratic class. Figures like Theodore Roosevelt and Edith Wharton all resided in the area. At the turn of the 20th century, luxury hotels sprang up and the commercialization of the neighborhood began.

Today, Madison Square Park is home to beloved tenants like Shake Shack and the Edition Hotel!

Madison Square Park
Madison Square Park
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