The Flatiron district is named after the iconic Flatiron Building, which has become a symbol of New York City. This neighborhood sits south of Midtown Manhattan and north of Union Square. It offers a more low-key vibe compared to busier Midtown but still packs in plenty of attractions.

Madison Square Park is always a nice spot to relax with a burger from Shake Shack.

The Flatiron Building itself is a major sight, especially the view from Madison Square Park behind it. There are also many boutique shops and restaurants lining Fifth Avenue and Broadway in this area, as it’s a central NYC neighborhood.

Foodies flock to Eataly, a massive Italian marketplace with restaurants and food stands.

You can browse the original location of Books of Wonder, one of the oldest and largest children’s bookstores in the city. The Museum of Mathematics makes math fun and engaging through interactive exhibits.

There are also photographer galleries and chic cocktail bars to explore. The Flatiron district’s small scale, landmark buildings, and mix of quirky shops and eateries give it a unique charm worth experiencing.

Admire the Empire State Building

One of my absolute favorite places to take photos of the Empire State Building is in the Flatiron District. You’re close enough to capture details, without being so far that the picture becomes a skyline shot. I prefer the corner of West 29th Street and Broadway for these captures.

Flatiron District Empire State
Flatiron District Empire State
Flatiron District Empire State

Madison Square Park at Sunset

At the end of the day it’s beautiful to capture the golden hour at Madison Square Park, where the sky turns pink and the buildings glow orange.

Madison Square Park at Dusk
Madison Square Park at Dusk

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