The Folies Bergère is a historic entertainment venue located in Paris, France. Founded in 1869, it is one of the city’s oldest and most iconic theaters. Initially envisioned as an opera house, it quickly gained fame as a variety theater, showcasing operettas, ballets, and pantomime performances.

Folies Bergère famous Paris theater France

By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Folies Bergère became synonymous with the Belle Époque era, known for its lavish and often risqué cabaret-style shows. It was a hub of performance art innovation and a playground for the Parisian elite, attracting performers from around the world, including the legendary Josephine Baker, who made her debut there in 1926.

The venue has been instrumental in launching the careers of many performers and has remained an enduring symbol of Parisian nightlife and theatrical culture. It has evolved to adapt to changing tastes and social mores, and it continues to be a prominent venue for live entertainment.

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32 Rue Richer, 75009 Paris, France

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