Stohrer is the oldest patisserie in Paris, dating back to 1730 when it was founded by the the pastry chef for King Louis XV of France. This prestigious patisserie has been serving Parisians and visitors for nearly three centuries! The French pastry shop is located on the famous Rue Montorgueil, a busy market street in the central 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

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Nicolas Stohrer

Nicolas Stohrer was a prominent pastry chef in the 18th century. He was originally from Lorraine, a region in France. In the 1720s, he became the official pastry chef for King Louis XV, serving at the Versailles court. His skills and expertise were highly recognized during his tenure at the royal court, which eventually prompted him to start his patisserie.

His pastry shop flourished, thanks to his innovation and the introduction of new delicacies, including the famous Baba au Rhum.

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Baba au Rhum

A notable invention of Stohrer is the Baba au Rhum, a delicacy Stohrer created by combining a Polish Kouglof with rum syrup.

The story goes that the recipe was inspired by a traditional Polish cake known as Kouglof. When King Stanislaus I of Poland, Louis XV’s father-in-law, found the Kouglof too dry, Stohrer decided to innovate.

He infused the pastry with a lavish amount of rum syrup, which not only moistened the cake but also enhanced its flavor, thereby giving birth to Baba au Rhum. This modification transformed the cake into a decadent and rich dessert, which quickly gained popularity.

This innovative pastry then found its permanent home at Stohrer. It remains a beloved dessert, enjoyed by many for its moist texture and satisfying combination of rum and sugar.

Eclair au Chocolat

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Stohrer is also known for crafting scrumptious éclairs, a classic French pastry in the traditional flavors of chocolate, coffee, and caramel, staples in the world of éclairs.

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Keeping Up With the Times

Stohrer Patisserie has sustained its reputation for offering high-quality pastries and cakes. Through centuries, it has managed to maintain the traditional recipes while also adding a modern touch to meet contemporary tastes. The interior of the store is also charming, with its historic decor and ornate embellishments, recalling the grandeur of its time.

It’s undergone renovation since I first discovered it back in 2015. Here’s how it looked back then. Much more scruffy!

Stohrer, Rue Montorgueil, Paris

Stohrer has garnered significant recognition and accolades, a tribute to its founder’s genius and a reflection of the deep-rooted French appreciation for the art of pastry-making.

51 Rue Montorgueil, 75002 Paris, France

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