As a lover of all things flaky, buttery, and French, I consider myself a croissant connoisseur. So when I recently visited Paris, I made it my mission to find the best croissant the city has to offer.

My journey started by asking locals and foodie friends for their top recommendations. Several bakeries came up repeatedly. I plotted out their locations and began crisscrossing Paris early each morning, as most bakeries sell out of croissants fast.

The first stop was Du Pain et des Idées in the 10th arrondissement. Still jetlagged, I arrived shortly after opening time to find a line already out the door. Once inside, the display case was filled with picture-perfect viennoiserie in neat rows. I selected a simple croissant au beurre, paying 1.30€ for the still-warm pastry. The first bite was pure butter bliss – flaky exterior giving way to tender, honeycombed layers. A perfect start, but I had only just begun my mission.

Next up was Chez Meunier in the trendy Le Gourmet shop by Galeries Lafayette. Their signature croissant is pricier at 3,90€ but infused with raspberry filling for an extra rich taste. The texture was not quite as layered as my first stop, but the intense sweetness won me over. Two croissants in, and I was already nearing a state of viennoiserie nirvana!

Best croissant in Paris Chez Meunier rose IMG_2071

My next stop took me across the Seine to Des Gâteaux et du Pain, a small bakery in the quaint neighborhood of Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin. For 1.70€ I selected their classic croissant made with high-end French Isigny Ste-Mère butter. The balance of flavors and textures here was just right – crisp exterior giving way to luscious pillow-soft layers. As I enjoyed that last heavenly bite by the banks of the River Seine, I knew my search was arduous!

Tucked away in the St. Victor district, La Maison d’Isabelle boasts a reputation for crafting croissants that transcend perfection. With its rustic charm and the aroma of freshly baked pastries, this artisanal bakery entices locals and tourists alike. Their croissants, with a crisp exterior and a delicate, buttery interior, elevate the senses to a Parisian symphony of flavors.

In the end, no single croissant emerged as an absolute winner in my books. Part of the joy lies in the journey of sampling each unique flavor and texture. But Des Gâteaux et du Pain comes very close to croissant perfection. So for anyone visiting Paris eager to experience the best of French baking, I cannot recommend it highly enough! Just make sure to arrive early – with baked goods this divine, they never last long.

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