Whether you live in Paris, or wish you did, there’s endless inspiration coming from the city of light. Lucky for us, we have Instagram to give us a peek inside this charming city whenever we miss it! Here are my favorite Paris photographers to stalk whenever I’m missing the capital of France…

1. Carin Olsson / @parisinfourmonths

Carin gained a massive following after she moved to Paris from her native Sweden and began sharing the sweet, pink, romantic side of Paris: think lots of pink flowers, bright cream façades, big Parisian doors, and a healthy dose of French high fashion with outfits from Louis Vuitton and Dior.


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2. Marissa Cox / @ruerodier

I love Marissa’s photography because she shares so much of her daily life in Paris including her gorgeous Parisian apartment! She loves sharing her favorite French brands which are actually attainable (read: affordable) for the average person or tourist visiting France, so keep an eye on her tags…


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3. Hana Le Van / @journeyintolavillelumiere

Hana is a French fashion photographer who happens to have an amazing eye for street shots of Paris as well! She tends to visit the most happening cafes and restaurants in town, too so keep an eye on the location tags on her posts!

4. Haleigh Walsworth / @byhaleigh

Haleigh is an American brand ambassador for Lancôme, based in Paris. I love her hipster-Parisian, authentic aesthetic. You can instantly tell she isn’t trying to impress anyone and breaks a lot of Instagram “rules.”

5. Ylena / @yleniacuellar

See Paris through the rose-tinted lens of Ylena, a street-style fashion photographer with a penchant for visiting global fashion weeks! I’ve gotten many awesome café recommendations from this account both in Paris, and Ylena’s native Mexico!


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6. Erika / @alleedesroses

Erika has a way of working the most gorgeous natural sunlight above her subjects. She’s equally great at capturing the most natural city settings!

7. Audrey / @audreyparisphoto

Audrey is a wedding photographer who takes the most romantic, glamorous and feminine shots of couples I’ve ever seen! Seriously, these are the dreamiest French wedding pictures…


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8. Alexandra / @alexandrine_ar

If you’re looking to see the charming, rustic side of Paris, then look no further than Alexandra, who also moderates the @seemyparis Instagram account. Her shots are full of café, restaurant and travel recommendations in Paris and beyond!


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9. Jeanne Damas / @jeannedamas

Jeanne became famous for her quintessential Parisian lifestyle – complete with messy bangs, red lips, and lots of unedited photos of her and her friends. Get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a real Parisian through her (unfiltered) lens.


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10. Leia Sfez / @leiasfez

Leia is a creative director in Paris sharing her outfits, family, and daily life in Paris. I love visiting Leia’s Instagram for outfit inspiration, and the latest brands on trend in Paris.


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Who are your favorite Paris photographers on Instagram?

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