The Brasserie Le Vaudeville has been a Parisian institution for 100 years. Located in the 2nd arrondissement across from the Bourse, this classic brasserie has been serving up delicious French cuisine since 1918.

In 2017, Le Vaudeville was acquired by the Bertrand Group, joining other legendary Parisian brasseries like Brasserie Lipp, Au Pied de Cochon, and Angelina.

Seafood is a specialty at Le Vaudeville. The fishmonger located just outside the brasserie offers a bountiful selection including langoustines, whelks, crab, lobster, and a variety of oysters.

The Art Deco interior and pleasant new terrace provide a comfortable backdrop for enjoying brasserie classics like crispy calf’s head, Burgundy snails, poultry supreme, pan-fried liver, and sole meunière. Le Vaudeville has something to satisfy every taste.

Le Vaudeville Brasserie Restaurant Paris DSCF2205
Le Vaudeville Brasserie Restaurant Paris DSCF2204
Le Vaudeville Brasserie Restaurant Paris DSCF2187

To start, the escargots showcase fresh, perfectly seasoned salmon in a modern, playful tin can presentation.

Le Vaudeville Brasserie Restaurant Paris DSCF2194

My moules frites dish was delicious!

Le Vaudeville Brasserie Restaurant Paris DSCF2197
Le Vaudeville Brasserie Restaurant Paris DSCF2181

After 100 years, Le Vaudeville still seduces Parisians with its traditional dishes and seafood.

Le Vaudeville
29 Rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris, France

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