Paris, the iconic city of love and culinary delights, is a gastronomic playground for foodies around the globe. While the city is famous for its rich pastries and indulgent dishes, a growing movement towards health and wellness has given rise to an exciting array of restaurants catering to those seeking nourishing yet flavorful options.

Let’s explore the bustling streets of Paris, uncovering the best eateries that prioritize fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, innovative cooking techniques, and a commitment to satisfying the health-conscious epicurean in all of us.

Paris, often renowned for its decadent pastries and rich culinary heritage, is also home to a thriving scene of healthy eateries. Whether you’re a devoted vegetarian, a fan of the farm-to-table movement, or simply looking to indulge in a nutritious meal, the City of Lights has something to cater to your taste buds.

From chic cafes offering vegan delicacies to fine-dining establishments with organic gourmet menus, these are the best healthy restaurants in Paris that you simply must try on your next visit.

Healthy food restaurants in paris Le pain grillé, a healthy food restaurant in the Agnès b. boutique
Le pain grillé, a healthy food restaurant in the Agnès b. boutique

Wild & The Moon

Known for its plant-based offerings, this spot uses wild and organic ingredients to craft nourishing juices, smoothies, and inventive meals.

The Kitchen Paris

Focusing on wholesome, homemade recipes, The Kitchen Paris provides balanced meals that don’t sacrifice taste for health.

Healthy food bowl at The Kitchen, Paris
Healthy bowl at The Kitchen, Paris

Judy Market

Blending health and luxury, Judy Market offers a selection of organic wines, salads, and artisanal products to satisfy both body and soul.


Emphasizing clean eating, Liife provides nutritious meals tailored for athletes and fitness lovers, promoting overall wellness.


Season is a versatile eatery offering seasonal menus with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, allowing diners to indulge in nutritious yet flavorful dishes. Season has a few locations for sit-down and take-out healthy food around the Le Marais neighborhood.

Healthy food and restaurants in Paris - Season
My Chicken Salad at Season Paris

PH7 Equilibre

With a philosophy rooted in balance, PH7 Equilibre creates alkaline-based dishes that aim to bring harmony to the body’s pH levels.


A restaurant for all, Supernature offers both vegetarian and carnivorous healthy options, promising a delectable experience for every diner.

Le Potager de Charlotte

Family-run and completely vegan, Le Potager de Charlotte crafts delightful dishes using organic and local produce, providing a true taste of nature.


Focusing on gluten-free cuisine, Apégo’s innovative menu promises a gourmet dining experience without compromising dietary restrictions.

La Guinguette d’Angèle

Led by a talented female chef, this healthy eatery boasts an organic menu filled with gluten-free and refined sugar-free options, embodying the essence of clean eating in Paris.

Health Restaurants paris élémentaire
A healthy meal at élémentaire, Paris

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