12 Best Children’s Clothing Stores in Paris


Paris, a city renowned for its fashion, culture, and art, doesn’t just cater to the adults; it’s a wonderland for the little ones too! With its enchanting boutiques and whimsical stores, the French capital is a paradise for children’s shopping. From unique toys and fashionable attire to delightful educational materials, Paris offers a rich variety of children’s stores that are sure to inspire and delight both kids and parents alike. I live in Paris and these are the best children’s stores in Paris that are not only filled with charm but offer a truly adorable kids clothing shopping experience.

Atelier Choux

Atelier Choux offers a whimsical line of children’s clothing, accessories, and more, with an artistic flair. Their unique designs, often characterized by charming illustrations, make this shop a must-visit for picking up something special for little ones.

L’Ile aux Fées

L’Ile aux Fées is renowned for its hand-made children’s clothing, reflecting the delicate elegance of Parisian style. Offering both customized and ready-to-wear options, it’s a destination for parents looking for something uniquely crafted.


Childrens clothing stores Paris Natalys

Natalys is a well-known French brand offering quality and comfort in its range of children’s clothing and nursery essentials. With various locations in Paris, it’s a convenient choice for parents seeking stylish yet practical options.


Bonpoint is an iconic brand in the world of children’s fashion in Paris, specializing in chic, timeless designs. With its unparalleled quality and attention to detail, Bonpoint offers an upscale shopping experience.

Baby Dior

Baby Dior brings the luxury of the Dior brand to the world of children’s clothing. Offering high-end designs for the youngest fashionistas, it’s a place where you can find exclusive pieces for special occasions.


Jacadi stands out for its blend of tradition and modernity in children’s clothing, offering a refined Parisian style. Their collections are a testament to quality, elegance, and comfort for children of all ages.

Tartine et Chocolat

Childrens Stores Tartine et Chocolat Paris DSCF2150
Tartine et Chocolat store in Paris

Tartine et Chocolat offers a range of sophisticated children’s clothing, infused with a gentle elegance. This boutique is known for its quality materials and tasteful designs, catering to the discerning young clientele.

Petit Bateau

With a history spanning over a century, Petit Bateau is synonymous with timeless, comfortable children’s wear. Its reputation for quality materials and classic French style has made it a favorite among families.

Marie Puce

Marie Puce presents a delightful collection of children’s clothing, filled with vibrant colors and playful patterns. Its fun and casual style make it an appealing choice for everyday wear.

Le Ciel Est À Tout Le Monde

Le Ciel Est À Tout Le Monde, meaning “The Sky Belongs to Everyone,” offers ethically produced children’s clothing with a sense of whimsy. Their commitment to sustainability and imaginative designs sets them apart.


Bonton is not just a store, but an experience, offering a mix of clothing, furniture, and toys for children. With its modern take on children’s fashion, it has become a go-to place for contemporary, stylish pieces.

Centre Commercial Kids

Centre Commercial Kids is a concept store focusing on ethical and sustainable children’s fashion. Bringing together various eco-friendly brands, it’s a hub for parents interested in conscious shopping for their little ones.

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