To book cheap flights, start by comparing prices on multiple search engines like Kayak, Skyscanner, and Google Flights.

Book well in advance as in my experience, there are almost never last-minute deals.

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Booking round-trip tickets is almost always cheaper than booking a one-way flight.

Be flexible with your travel dates and airports, as flying mid-week or using a nearby airport can be cheaper. Set up fare alerts to get notifications when prices drop.

Consider using rewards points or frequent flyer miles if available. Some credit cards offer hefty sign-up bonuses which can result in a few cheap economy flights! The Chase Sapphire Reserve card is a great place to start.

Some budget airlines are not listed on comparison sites, so check their websites directly. Keep in mind that budget airlines may have additional fees.

Booking a flight with multiple layovers can sometimes be cheaper but may also be less convenient.

Lastly, always read the terms and conditions before making a cheap flight booking!

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