Nestled in the countryside north of Basel’s city center, the Beyeler Foundation is one of the most popular attractions in Basel. This beautiful museum was established by Ernst Beyeler, who had operated his namesake gallery since 1952 in Basel. Through dealing with private art collections and curating museum exhibitions, Beyeler became a highly celebrated art dealer from Switzerland. In 1982, Beyeler’s personal art collection was converted into a foundation; in 1989, it was exhibited publicly in Madrid.

The Art

Housed in a glass building overlooking the Swiss countryside, the museum exhibits today a rotating selection of works by blue-chip artists. Paul Gauguin and Marlene Dumas were featured in the current exhibitions during my visit:

Fondation Beyeler Basel

Alexander Calder Sculpture

Fondation Beyeler Alexander Calder Sculpture

Marlene Dumas

A special exhibition featuring Marlene Dumas was held during my visit.

Fondation Beyeler Marlene Dumas
Fondation Beyeler Marlene Dumas
Fondation Beyeler Marlene Dumas
Fondation Beyeler Marlene Dumas

Paul Gauguin

The painting palette of Eugène Henri Paul Gauguin was on view.

Paul Gauguin

Plan Your Visit

The museum offers stunning views of the Swiss countryside.

Fondation Beyeler

Beyeler Foundation
Baselstrasse 101, 4125
Basel, Switzerland

Open daily 10-6pm, Wednesdays 10-8pm

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  1. ‘Culture Travel’,

    Be careful not to spread nonsens but check your sources:
    the paintings you reproduce in this blog are not created by the writer and filmmaker Marguerite Duras, but by the Dutch painter Marlene Dumas.

    1. Hi, there’s no need to be rude. A polite message asking me to make a correction would have been sufficient. I encourage you to learn some manners.

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