I am a big fan of traveling around Europe by train. The advantages of train travel are aplenty! Here is my guide on how to travel by train in Europe.

The Best Luxury Train in Europe

The first time I discovered the Orient Express, I was on a train from Munich to Verona in October of 2015. At around dusk, we arrived in Innsbruck, Austria. As we pulled into the station and came to a stop, something surreal happened.

A train pulled into the track across our platform and through the window I saw tables with a rosy red 20s-style lamp on them, barmen dressed in crisp white attire, like something out of The Great Gatsby, and suits hanging in some compartments. The train was a dark forest green with elegant gold detailing. I can’t even describe how during this moment. I felt like I was transported to another era.

When the train came to a stop, I read the capitalized gold lettering: Compagnie Internationale Des Wagons – Lits et Des Grands Expresses Européens. Towards the bottom, I saw a small white sign with “Venice Simplon Orient Express” written in an Art Nouveau-style font.

A few minutes later, we departed, and I was back in reality. Where did that train come from and where was it going? At that moment, I wasn’t sure but I was sure that one day I would like to ride it!

Munich to Verona By Train

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