The Bowery Hotel is a luxury 5-star hotel in the East Village of New York City. It’s always been a favorite place of mine since I first moved to New York over a decade ago. The leather sofas and velvet chairs in the dimly lit lobby are the perfect place to convene over cocktails in the evening. 

Pretty much every major celebrity from Marion Cotillard to Brad Pitt has walked through the doors of the Bowery Hotel at some point. It’s the perfect atmosphere of luxury and cool.

I stayed at the Bowery Hotel this past November and wanted to share my experience at the hotel. 


I booked a suite at the Bowery Hotel for just one night, as that was all that was available at the time I had planned to be in New York City.

Standard Room

For the next two nights, I moved to a Standard room that had the same aesthetics on a smaller scale. The room was higher on the 6th floor but didn’t have the Empire State Building view. Instead, I got to see into a luxury apartment building across the street!


The lobby is really a treat in the hotel. While it’s calm during the morning, it starts to attract some small meetings and laptop workers in the afternoon. the evening is when the Bowery hotel lobby comes alive! Many of the coolest New Yorkers meet here for drinks and sit in the luxury velvet sofas or leather accent chairs. There is also a small bar at the very back to the left

Most rooms in the Bowery Hotel have dark brown hardwood floors and marble bathrooms, giving them a vintage, old-school New York charm. The beds are dressed in white linens with scarlet throw blankets. There may be velvet furniture in your room or suite. 

The hotel is served by the Gemma restaurant, a rustic Italian joint located on the ground floor of the building. 

Bowery Hotel NYC Entrance

Book your stay in the Bowery hotel today!

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