The Mairie du 3e arrondissement de Paris has always caught my eye. It’s a large building in front of an open paved passageway that is closed off to cars. When I lived in Le Marais and passed by, I always saw families chatting and kids playing soccer on the pavement. There were sometimes tables set up and women collecting signatures for various causes.

The building was built between 1864 and 1867. It was designed in the Neo-Renaissance style by the architect Victor Calliat and completed by Eugène-Alexandre Chat.

Various artists and sculptors have contributed to the beauty of the 3rd arrondissement town hall. Its pediment was decorated with a coat of arms flanked by figures sculpted in 1866 by Ernest Pasca.

Commissioned in 1883 from Diogène Maillart, the frescoes La Parure de la Femme adorn the ceiling of the waiting room, and The City instructing its children adorns the grand staircase. The wedding hall depicts an allegory of The Law painted in 1893 by Achille Sirouy.

Mairie du 3e arrondissement de Paris
2 rue Eugène-Spuller, 75003

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