Design Miami is a global design fair that brings together the world’s top galleries, designers, collectors, and critics.

Design Miami was founded in 2005 by real estate developer Craig Robins and design consultant Ambra Medda. It was originally established as a sister fair to Art Basel Miami Beach, with the aim of promoting and cultivating design culture.

The fair has rapidly grown in both scale and influence. It has formed partnerships with leading institutions, museums, and organizations, contributing to a more expansive global network for design lovers.

In 2006, Design Miami expanded to Basel, Switzerland, strengthening its position as a global event. This expansion allowed the fair to reach a broader audience in Europe.

Design Miami has continued to evolve by introducing thematic exhibitions and special collaborations with renowned designers, artists, and architects. The fair has become known for its innovative and pioneering showcases.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Design Miami adapted by launching virtual editions of the fair. This move allowed the event to continue its mission of connecting and engaging with the global design community during a challenging time.

2015 Entrance: UNBUILT

As part of this year’s Design Commissions, a group of students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design developed the concept for the Design Miami fair entrance. They called it UNBUILT and it is composed of a three-dimensional white-column grid that visitors may pass through and under.

Each intersection of the columns has a pink geometric form seemingly holding it together. Blush pink is one of my favorite colors so I couldn’t wait to photograph this! Not to mention, Rose Quartz is actually one of the 2016 Pantone colors of the year!

Design Miami UNBUILT Entrance
Design Miami UNBUILT Entrance

For some reason, design fairs are always very, very dark inside. Perhaps this creates a dramatic effect for the viewer. I’m not sure. I noticed this at Art Basel for the first time, and sure enough, while there were many beautiful objects at Design Miami this year, the lighting was just too dark to photograph them!

Dean and Deluca Design Miami

Throughout its history, Design Miami has become an essential platform for the design industry, promoting creativity, innovation, and dialogue within the field. Its emphasis on collaboration and its international reach has solidified its position as a significant event in the global design calendar.

Vist for next year’s dates!

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