Nestled inside the elegant and historic Hotel de Crillon right off the Champs-Élysées in Paris is one of the city’s most stylish bars – Bar Les Ambassadeurs. As soon as you enter, you are transported into a glamorous world with its beautiful decor, live piano music, and impeccably dressed patrons.

History of the Iconic Bar and Hotel

Bar Les Ambassadeurs at the Hotel de Crillon is a renowned establishment situated in the Hotel de Crillon, a luxury hotel located in Paris, France. The Hotel de Crillon itself holds a rich history dating back to the 18th century.

The hotel was originally constructed as a palace commissioned by King Louis XV in 1758. It was designed by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel and served as a private residence for various French aristocrats before being transformed into a hotel in the late 19th century.

Bar Les Ambassadeurs Hotel de Crillon Lobby Bar Menu

Bar Les Ambassadeurs within the Hotel de Crillon gained its reputation as a sophisticated and prestigious bar over the years. It became a symbol of Parisian elegance and luxury, frequented by diplomats, celebrities, and high society members.

The bar’s name, Les Ambassadeurs, translates to “The Ambassadors” in English, reflecting its status as a place where diplomats and influential figures would gather and socialize. The bar’s opulent decor, refined ambiance, and extensive selection of fine wines, champagnes, and cocktails contributed to its allure.

Over time, the bar underwent several renovations and updates to maintain its reputation as a top destination for guests seeking a high-end experience in Paris. Its history intertwines with the Hotel de Crillon’s legacy, adding to the allure and sophistication of the entire establishment.

My Visit to the Bar

I visited Bar Les Ambassadeurs last month while in Paris and absolutely loved the sophisticated vibe. The bar has an extensive cocktail menu with both classic and modern mixed drinks made by expert bartenders. I tried one of their signature drinks called the Strass – made with vodka, strawberries, rose liqueur, and champagne. It was beautifully presented in a tall glass dotted with edible silver specks that sparkled under the low lighting of the bar.

Bar Les Ambassadeurs Hotel de Crillon Lobby Bar

In addition to cocktails, Bar Les Ambassadeurs offers a selection of caviar, smoked salmon, foie gras and other gourmet bites perfect for pairing with your drinks. The space itself is quite stunning with mirrored walls, velvet seats, and a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower through its large windows. There is often a pianist playing jazzy tunes in the corner, adding to the feeling of luxury.

While certainly on the pricier side, I can say Bar Les Ambassadeurs is worth a visit, especially if you want to experience Parisian cocktail culture at its finest amidst history and glamour. Sipping expertly-made drinks in this classy art deco setting made me feel like a true VIP in the City of Lights. So if you have a chance while in Paris, be sure to stop by this bar for a magical – and delicious – evening out!

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