Global Entry is a massively popular program to expedite American travelers re-entry to the United States through Customs. I wrote about my experience applying for the Global Entry program a few years ago, including how I was able to receive membership in just 3 weeks.

I love the benefits my Global Entry membership includes: I can speed through lengthy airport security lines, and dodge the tiresome Customs process when returning home.

I knew I’d eventually have to update my account when I renewed my passport. Time flew by (as it seems to do these days), and before I knew it, it was time to apply for a new passport. After sending in my old one and feeling somewhat stranded for the 3-4 weeks it took to process, I finally had a shiny new passport in hand!

I looked up the old GOES login information for the account I setup years ago and headed to the Global Entry website.

I quickly realized the process for updating your Global Entry account with a new passport has changed.

So, how do I update my passport on global entry?

Here’s how to update your documents in 2019:

  1. To get started, you’ll need to visit the Trusted Traveler Programs website at GOES has been replaced with TTP since October 1, 2017. My old GOES username and password no longer gave me access to my account.
  2. Click Login and then Consent & Continue
  3. Create a account if you do not have one. Otherwise, sign in with your credentials. I didn’t have a account, so I went ahead and made one. The process was simple enough. Apparently is a new single-sign-on solution for accessing government agencies with one username and password. I’m all for simplifying things!
  4. Return to the TTP website and log in using your new credentials. Confirm basic information about your place of birth. Hopefully you have your GOES Global Entry account number on hand to enter in the Membership Number/PASSID section. If not, you can enter the username you previously used to log in.
  5. Click Update Documents on the bottom right.
  6. Find Passport – UNITED STATES and click Edit

  7. Most of the basic information you cannot edit, so scroll to the bottom part where you can update your passport number, Date of issue, and Date of expiry.
  8. Update the information, and you’re done!

You can also easily view your Program Memberships, and see updates on any pending applications you have from the Trusted Traveler Programs website.

It was a pretty easy and painless process for me. Good luck updating your own account, and happy travels!

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  1. I just had my global entry renewal interview today and they told me that when my passport expires and is replaced in a year that I will need to return to the global entry interview office to have it scanned – that I can’t just do it online. Everything I read seems to say that I can just do it online, though.

  2. I cannot find the update documents button after signing in. Where is it? It is not on the bottom right as noted in your article.

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