As a frequent traveler, one of my biggest challenges is fitting everything I need into my suitcase while still staying under those pesky airline weight limits. Over the years I’ve discovered that the secret weapon for efficient packing is using packing cubes – those rectangular zippered organizers that neatly corral your clothes and gear into tidy little bundles. Not only do packing cubes help you utilize every last inch of space in your luggage, they also make it super easy to find exactly what you need at a moment’s notice.

In this blog post I’m excited to share my top recommendations on where to buy the best quality packing cubes that will stand up to plenty of rough travel adventures while taking up minimal space. Whether you prefer ultralight designs or more heavy-duty compartments, I’ll outline both brick-and-mortar retailers and online stores where you can find packing cubes to suit your packing style. Read on for tips on what features to look for and the brands that offer the optimal blend of portability and durability. With the right packing cubes ready to contain your travel chaos, jetsetting stress will turn into smooth sailing!

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Packing Cubes vs Compression Cubes

Packing cubes and compression cubes are both useful tools for organizing and maximizing space in luggage, especially when traveling. However, they serve slightly different purposes:

Packing Cubes

These are typically lightweight fabric containers or pouches designed to help organize clothes and items within your luggage.

Packing cubes come in various sizes and shapes, allowing you to categorize and separate different types of clothing or items, such as shirts, pants, undergarments, and accessories.

They help keep your belongings neatly organized and prevent them from shifting around during travel. This makes it easier to locate specific items without having to rummage through the entire suitcase.

While packing cubes help with organization, they do not compress or reduce the volume of your items significantly.

Compression Cubes

Compression cubes function similarly to packing cubes but with an additional feature: they include mechanisms (usually zippers or straps) that compress the contents to reduce their volume.

These cubes typically have an additional zipper or mechanism that, when closed, removes excess air and compresses the contents, allowing you to fit more items into a smaller space.

Compression cubes can be particularly useful when you want to pack bulkier clothing items or need to maximize space in your luggage, such as for hiking or camping gear, thick jackets, or blankets.

Ultimately, choosing between packing cubes and compression cubes depends on your specific needs. If you prioritize organization and separating different types of items, packing cubes might be more suitable. However, if space-saving and compression are more critical for you, then compression cubes might be the better option. Some travelers even use a combination of both for optimal organization and space efficiency.

Best Places to Buy Packing Cubes

Here are some top recommendations for places to buy packing cubes:

Amazon – Amazon has a huge selection of packing cubes from popular brands like eBags, Shacke, and Eagle Creek at very reasonable prices. They have sets and individual cubes in dozens of sizes.

Here are my top picks for Amazon packing cubes:

eBags – eBags specializes in travel products and their own brand packing cubes come highly rated. They offer sets and individual cubes in a variety of colors and prints. Good for basic to mid-range prices.

Nordstrom – REI sells packing cubes from reliable outdoor brands like Eagle Creek, Osprey, and REI’s own brand. Prices can be a little higher but the quality and durability are there. The selection is more limited than Amazon though.

L.L. Bean – The Eagle Creek website has the full range of their popular packing cube offerings which are known for innovative features and durability. Full sets or individual cubes available. Mid-range pricing.

Calpak – For very affordable basic packing cubes, The Container Store’s in-house brand is a good option. The quality isn’t quite on par with travel brands but good for the price. Store and online options.

Monos – For luxury designs and specialty material packing cubes, DaVinci has high-quality, stylish options. The prices reflect that, but could be a good investment over cheaper cubes.

I’d recommend figuring out your budget, how much organization you need, any special features, and order quantity before deciding on a retailer to find your ideal set! Starting out, Amazon is probably the easiest one stop shop.

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