As an avid traveler, keeping my shoes protected while in transit is a top priority. Shoving dirty or delicate shoes loosely into my luggage is a recipe for disaster – I’ve learned that the hard way a few too many times. A good shoe bag is essential packing for any trip. Whether you’re looking to corral heels, sneakers, sandals or boots, having a designated bag to tuck them away in will save you grief.

I have a few picks for the best shoe bags for travelers. I tested out a variety of shoe bags on my last few trips and discovered which ones really stood up to the wear and tear of travel. From lightweight, packable designs to more heavy-duty protective cases, I found options suited for all types of travel footwear and itineraries.

I’ll share tips on key features to look for, like water resistance, trail-friendly tread, and extra interior padding. Read on for reviews of my top five favorite travel shoe bags – I’ll tell you which I recommend most for keeping kicks safe in the air and on the go!

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There are a few key types of shoe bags to consider for your travels.

Transparent drawstring shoe bags: these are the cheapest options. They are simple clear rectangular shoe bags to easily see what’s inside.

Shoe travel briefcase: a portable shoe organizer that allows you to bring up to 8 pairs of shoes with you.

Zippered Shoe Bag with Compartments: This is a great travel shoe bag option. It allows you. to bring a few pairs of shoes with you, fitting neatly into your suitcase.

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