I was sitting at a coffee shop the other day when the woman next to me asked if she could borrow an iPhone Charger. “Hold on,” I said and pulled out my handy phone accessory case. “Wow!” She exclaimed as she saw what I pulled out, “I’ve never seen such an organized case.”

As a frequent traveler and tech lover, I’m always seeking ways to neatly organize the myriad of chargers, cables, mice, batteries, and other gadgets I need to keep my devices powered up and functioning while on the go.

Lugging around loose tech accessories leads to annoying tangles and wasted time hunting down the one stray cable you need but can’t seem to find.

After testing countless tech organizers over the years on all my adventures cross-country and abroad, I’ve narrowed down the best solutions for neatly and efficiently organizing all my tech gear.

Tech Organizers for travel IMG_3839
I prefer two separate tech organizers for laptop and phone accessories since some days I go out without my laptop.

I’ll share my best pick for tech organizers ideal for holding chargers, mice, phone accessories, and anything else you need to stay charged and connected. I’ll suggest different sizes and styles to suit various needs, from sleek cases perfect for day trips to larger organizers ideal for extensive travel.

Whether you’re seeking to organize your bag for a conference or tidy up your accessories for jetting off on a digital nomad adventure, you’ll find the perfect tech organizer recommendations here to meet your needs and prevent chaos! Let’s find the best tech organizers to facilitate your on-the-go lifestyle.

Best Computer Cable + Mouse Organizer

I use this long black narrow zippered case to store my laptop cables, charger, mouse, and even some electrical outlet converters.

Tech Organizers for travel IMG_3834

It has adjustable dividers and a thin zippered top. As you can see, it holds a lot!

Tech Organizers for travel IMG_3832

This organizer gets stored upright in the tote bag I take as my carry-on when traveling.

If you have more stuff than me, you can try this laptop cable and powerbank organizer.

Laptop Accessories Organizer

Best On-the-Go Phone Accessory Case

I also have a smaller portable phone accessory case that I take with me everywhere, even when I’m not traveling. This ensures I have what I need to power my phone while away from home.

This small white zippered case has a hard shell that is soft to the touch.

Tech Organizers for travel IMG_3837

Opening it up, you can see it neatly stores my iPhone charging cable, my Apple MagSafe portable charger, and my AirPods.

Tech Organizers for travel IMG_3835

If you have more phone accessories than I do, try this two-fold phone charging cable and accessories case.

Cell phone cables Accessories Organizer

The Dagne Dover Arlo Organizer is another great option for phone accessory storage.

Voilà! That’s how I keep my tech cables and accessories neatly stored when traveling or just away from my house!

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