What is the French Lifestyle Really About?


The French lifestyle has always been romanticized and idealized as the epitome of taste, refinement, and culture. With their inimitable fashion style, charming cafes, and luxurious vacations, the pleasures of French living are enviable to many.

Beneath the surface, however, there is far more to French culture and daily reality than croissants and Chanel handbags. For many people, making ends meet and juggling a social life are often everyday worries and challenges, just like in any other country.

So, what is the French lifestyle really about? Beyond the Eiffel Tower and quaint sidewalk bistros, there is actually no single “French lifestyle” that typifies the daily experience for everyone here.

In this series, I delve deeper into the diversity of lifestyles and ground realities in France for people from all walks of life, far away from the gaze of tourists and all the cleverly marketed clichés. Join me as we discover the intriguing sides of French living that the picture-perfect postcards often leave out.

French Lifestyle Cafe in Paris

The French lifestyle is often associated with several key elements that contribute to its unique charm and allure:

Appreciation for Food and Wine: The French take great pride in their culinary traditions. Meals are seen as a time for enjoyment, and the French often prioritize quality over quantity. They savor their meals, emphasize fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and often take time to dine with family and friends.

Cultural Richness: France is known for its rich cultural heritage, including art, literature, fashion, and cinema. French people often value the arts and cultural experiences, regularly attending exhibitions, shows, and events.

Work-Life Balance: The French prioritize leisure time and a healthy work-life balance. They often have longer lunch breaks to enjoy meals, and the concept of ‘joie de vivre’ (joy of living) is prevalent, encouraging people to appreciate life’s pleasures.

Fashion and Style: France is a global hub for fashion and style. Paris, in particular, is renowned for its influence on haute couture and setting trends in fashion, beauty, and design.

Focus on Health and Wellness: Despite enjoying rich foods and wine, the French generally emphasize moderation and balance in their diet. They often prefer walking or cycling for transportation, and access to healthcare is an essential aspect of their lifestyle.

Café Culture: Sidewalk cafes are an integral part of French life. People often gather at cafes to socialize, enjoy a coffee, and people-watch.

Celebration of Seasons: The French take pleasure in the changing seasons, celebrating seasonal produce, holidays, and festivals that mark various times of the year.

Embracing Simple Pleasures: Whether it’s enjoying a good book, a stroll through a park, or simply spending quality time with loved ones, the French appreciate the simple joys in life.

The French lifestyle can vary from person to person and region to region. Not everyone in France necessarily embodies all these aspects, and experiences of the French lifestyle may differ.

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