Prague is a picturesque city with world-class hotels, buildings from different architectural eras, and beautiful cityscapes. Czech Republic’s capital is ideal for both your summer and winter holidays. In the summer you can enjoy Czech’s world-class beer outside and in the winter, you can shop the famous Czech Christmas markets.

Prague has incredible views and an unmatched culinary experience. The following are the best things to do when you visit the city of Prague!

1. Old Town Square

The vibrant atmosphere around Prague’s Old Town Square sometimes belies the site’s intriguing history. The former marketplace traces its roots to the 12th century and symbolizes Czech Republic’s history, science, and culture. From the Old Town Hall to Gothic-themed churches and the Prague Astronomical Clock, you are always spoiled for choice when you visit Prague’s Old Town Square. As a bonus, you can always quench your thirst with any of the country’s world-renowned beer brands. You can also enjoy some of Europe’s cuisines or coffee at any hotels lining up the Square.

2. Astronomical Clock

Prague has several World Heritage Sites that attract flocks of local and international tourists. The Prague Astronomical Clock is one such site that always intrigues visitors. Installed in the early 15th century, the Clock has withstood the test of time and modernization to become an integral part of Prague’s cityscape. The medieval timepiece located in Old Town Square is the world’s oldest functioning Clock. Astronomical Clock focuses on medieval astronomy and uses gothic symbols and moving animated figures with religious significance. The Clock designers weaved different astronomical characters, including a calendar, the earth, sun, a zodiac ring, and a moon, into the design.

3. Charles Bridge

Prague charles bridge

The bustling Charles Bridge is a historical infrastructure that overarches the medieval era and modern times. The arch bridge is a reminder of the Bohemian Empire under the rule of King Charles IV, who commissioned the foundation in the mid-14th century. The 516 meter-long bow bridge is a World Heritage Site with baroque sculptures and statues. The bridge is an artistic and architectural masterpiece with decorations from both Gothic and Baroque eras. The 30 statues of saints add a religious touch to the bridge. Add visiting Charles Bridge to your list of things to do in Prague and get a chance to sample Czech history.

4. Prague Castle

Prague was the center of the Bohemian Empire, serving as the kingdom’s capital for several centuries. Few places throughout the vast former kingdom speak of monarchy and royalty than Prague Castle. The castle complex is a World Heritage site and sits on an expansive compound with multiple administrative offices. The Castle has survived for over ten centuries. The architectural and artistic decorations throughout the complex pay homage to the Castle’s history. Adding the ancient Castle to your itinerary of things to do in Prague allows you to sample medieval gothic-themed churches, monasteries, lush and serene gardens, statues, and palaces.

5. Sigmund Freud Hanging Sculpture

Prague’s Old Town is a cultural melting pot with rich history and multiple tourist attractions, including Sigmund Freud Hanging Sculpture. David Černý sculptured the 7-feet tall bronze statue hanging along Husova Street. The cobblestone street below the provocative life-like figure is home to several eateries and coffee outlets. The gothic-themed buildings offer magnificent views and take you back to medieval times.

6. Lennon Wall

Prague lennon wall

The Lennon Wall is a symbol of youthful defiance and feeds into the country’s long history. First painted with murals of poems in the 1960s, the wall opposite the French Embassy gained its current popular name in the 1980s. The mural has evolved from John Lennon’s lyrics to his portrait and now poems, images, statements, and flowers. However, the underlying message has remained: defying a political system. The wall attracts throngs of visitors from all walks of life.

7. Beer Tour

Czech Republic’s beers are renowned for their unique taste. If a beer tour features on your list of fun things to do in Prague, you are up for an exciting and intriguing experience. You’ll not only enjoy a well-brewed beer at the different hotels and pubs across the city, but you also get the chance to tour historical breweries. The city also hosts several beer festivals throughout the year.

8. Petřín Lookout Tower

Petřín Lookout Tower is Prague’s miniature Eiffel Tower. The tower represents the country’s transition from different eras. Constructed in 1891 as an observation tower, the Petřín Lookout Tower also served as a transmission mast. The tower gives a magnificent view of the city’s skyline on a clear day. The Petřín Hill, where the tower is located, has beautiful gardens and a historical labyrinth, which have served different purposes over the years.

9. Spanish Synagogue

Spanish Synagogue is located within Prague’s historic Jewish Quarter. The construction of the religious site was completed in 1868 and currently serves as a museum of Jewish and Bohemian history. The elaborate Moorish finish and furnishings speak of a captivating opulence. Visitors are also drawn to the site by the soothing evening concerts at the Synagogue. A visit to the Spanish Synagogue comes with savoring the beauty of adjacent attractions, including the Old Synagogue.

10. Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square offers visitors a different side of the historical city. The Square is a picture of modernity emerging from a past era. The landmark is riddled with stunning views, including cultural and historical statues and symbols of the Velvet Revolution. You can freely access the space and visit hotels, shopping malls, clubs, and the National Museum. Don’t leave Wenceslas Square without enjoying open-top bus tours or subways.

Prague’s tourist attractions capture the city’s history that cuts across different eras. The city offers modernity and centuries-old history that dates back to the Bohemian Empire. If you plan on visiting Prague, work with a flexible itinerary to avoid missing out on magnificent sceneries scattered all across the city.

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