Have you tried the famous steak à cheval dish in France?

Steak a cheval dish Paris France_DSCF3168

“Steak à Cheval” is a French term that translates to “steak on horseback” or “horseback steak” in English. It refers to a dish where a fried egg is placed on top of a steak, resembling a rider on a horse, hence the name.

Steak a cheval Paris France_DSCF3170

The steak is typically a beef steak, such as a sirloin or ribeye, although other cuts may be used. The fried egg adds flavor to the dish and is often cooked sunny-side up or over easy to allow the yolk to run over the steak when cut into. It’s a classic and indulgent dish enjoyed in daily French cuisine.

I tried it a local brasserie one evening and really enjoyed it! The egg added a moist twist to my classic hamburger. Yum.

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