Whether you’re a dedicated iPhone photographer or simply want to capture better vacation photos and videos while traveling, having a portable tripod can make a big difference. As an avid traveler who loves sharing images from my journeys, I’ve tested my fair share of iPhone tripods to find ones that provide stability for crisp shots while still being easy to pack and carry.

A good iPhone tripod allows you to take your device’s photographic capabilities to the next level, prevents blurry or shaky shots, and gives you more flexibility with composition, selfies, and video.

Read on for recommendations on great travel companions that can stabilize your iPhone while sightseeing near or far. Whether hiking or dining al fresco, having a portable tripod in your bag lets you document trips in sharp detail.

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This is my top pick for the best portable iPhone tripod based on criteria like compact size, lightweight design, ease of use, and reliability. It can expand up to 3 feet tall. It comes with a small remote that can be used to take photos of yourself from afar. It folds up neatly when not in use.

portable iphone tripods IMG_3856

Although it’s more of a tripod, it can also be used as a selfie stick.

If this one is sold out, there are plenty of runner-up options that may work well depending on your particular needs and budget.

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