As a frequent traveler and budget airline customer, I’ve flown on most of the major low-cost carriers over the years. While cheap fares might be tempting, my recent experience on Easyjet gave me serious doubts about ever booking with them again.

For my latest trip from Paris to Nice, I decided to give Easyjet a try after finding an airfare that seemed almost too good to be true. Unfortunately, the old saying “you get what you pay for” rang true. From delayed flights to rude staff and surprise fees, Easyjet managed to hit every pain point that budget airlines are infamous for.

Although I’m certainly not opposed to flying budget airlines to save money, even the most budget-conscious traveler has their limits.

Read on for a complete recap of my Easyjet experience and why I won’t be recommending this airline anytime soon. Spoiler alert: No one should ever confuse discounted airfares with quality service.

Easyjet review Paris to Nice

What is Easyjet?

EasyJet is a prominent British low-cost airline that was founded in 1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou. The airline was established to provide affordable air travel within Europe. Stelios, who came from a shipping family, applied the same principles of low-cost operation in the airline industry that had been successful in the shipping business.

EasyJet began operations on November 10, 1995, with its inaugural flight from London Luton Airport to Glasgow. The airline initially operated two leased Boeing 737-200 aircraft. Its business model focused on offering no-frills, budget-friendly flights, allowing passengers to travel at lower costs by avoiding unnecessary amenities and services.

As demand for its services increased, EasyJet expanded its route network through acquisitions like Go Fly in 2002 and GB Airways in 2008. The airline quickly gained popularity due to its competitive pricing and efficient operations. It became a prominent player in the European aviation market, challenging established carriers by offering affordable travel options to various destinations across the continent.

EasyJet continued to grow, adding more destinations and expanding its fleet with modern and fuel-efficient aircraft, such as Airbus A319s and A320s. The airline also introduced innovations like online booking systems and allocated seating, further enhancing its customer experience.

EasyJet continued to evolve and adapt to the changing aviation landscape, facing competition and challenges but remaining a significant player in the European airline industry.

Why I’ll Never Fly Easyjet Again (Especially Duing Peak Season)

I’m no stranger to flying on low-cost carriers. While I don’t expect frills and top-notch service, every airline should still aim for basic operational competence and fair customer treatment. By those metrics, Easyjet fails miserably. Through multiple frustrating experiences this year, I learned the hard way that Easyjet cares little about actually getting you to your destination or making things right when they screw up.

My Easyjet nightmares started on a flight from Paris to Nice in July. We all arrived on time but then sat in the airport waiting room for two hours due to unspecified “operational issues.” No updates or apologies were given during the 2-hour delay. When we finally took off, I breathed a sigh of relief that I’d still make it to Nice. However, Easyjet didn’t seem to care that their delay disrupted everyone else’s plans. I received zero compensation for making me miss events I had booked in Nice.

I was cautiously willing to give them another chance for my return trip — until they canceled my flight altogether just hours before departure! Not only did Easyjet refuse to refund the flight change fee I had paid, they also denied coverage for the last-minute hotel I booked when stranded overnight in Nice. Apparently, the airline’s motto is “our mess-ups become your problems.”

Between the complete lack of timely communication, fair compensation policies, and accountability for failing to deliver on core services booked, I cannot recommend ever flying with Easyjet.

For a few extra euros, legitimate airlines like Air France or British Airways actually make an effort to get you to your destination with reasonable customer service. Save yourself the headaches and avoid Easyjet no matter how tempting the fares might look!

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