Have you ever taken the time to stop and admire the gorgeous doors of Paris? The doorways of Paris are quite a sight to behold. From the intricate carvings to the brassy gold handles, I could only imagine what it was like to be a Parisian resident and push through one of these bold doors. Since moving to Paris, the doors tend to blend in with the rest of the exquisite architecture, but every now and then, I take the time to appreciate these architectural beauties.

Architectural Styles

In Paris, architectural styles have evolved over centuries, reflecting a rich history and diverse cultural influences. Here are some architectural styles of doors you can find in Paris:

  1. Gothic Doors: Often found in historical churches like Notre-Dame, these doors are characterized by pointed arches, intricate carvings, and ornamental details.
  2. Baroque Doors: Known for their grandeur and elaborate decorations, Baroque doors in places like the Palace of Versailles feature heavy ornamentation and bold designs.
  3. Rococo Doors: Evolving from the Baroque style, Rococo doors are more playful and ornate, often adorned with curves and delicate details.
  4. Neoclassical Doors: Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, Neoclassical doors can be seen in buildings like the Panthéon. They are marked by symmetry, simple geometric shapes, and often include columns or pilasters.
  5. Haussmannian Doors: A prominent feature in many Parisian buildings, Haussmannian doors reflect the urban planning of Baron Haussmann. They are large, made of wood or iron, and often feature detailed carvings or glass insets.
  6. Art Nouveau Doors: Recognizable for their organic and flowing lines, Art Nouveau doors in Paris are often decorated with floral motifs, stained glass, and intricate metalwork.
  7. Art Deco Doors: Emphasizing geometric shapes and stylized designs, Art Deco doors can be found in many buildings from the early 20th century. They often feature strong lines and sleek materials.
  8. Modern and Contemporary Doors: In newer buildings and areas like La Défense, you’ll find doors that embrace modern materials and minimalist designs, often incorporating glass, steel, and simple, clean lines.

These different styles reflect the city’s evolution and the wide array of cultural and artistic influences that have shaped its architecture.


Doors of Paris architecture DSCF2304


Perhaps the most popular pick for doors across Paris, blue is a color found in many shades throughout the city like pastel blue, navy blue, royal blue, gray-blue, teal blue, and faded blue.

Blue Doors of Paris
Blue Doors of Paris
Blue Doors of Paris


Doors of Paris


Here are some neutral doors throughout the Marais and Saint Germain arrondissements featuring stunning deep brown woods, grays and dark hues:

Doors of Paris
Doors of Paris
Doors of Paris

I hope you enjoyed this little series on the beautiful doors I’ve walked by across Paris… For some reason, I’m insanely attracted to photographing the many different doors in this city. Some are majestic, while others are minimal, and each has its own special charm!

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