The travel industry is quite saturated so it takes some fairly created thinking to launch a brand new concept that improves traveling. Dayuse has done just that.

Have you ever found yourself needing a hotel in the morning or early afternoon? Dayuse solves a hidden-in-plain-sight problem that has plagued travelers for years.

Say goodbye to 3 or 4 pm check-in times and book a hotel for “day use” instead!

Here’s my experience using Dayuse after an early morning redeye flight arrival into Paris.

What is Dayuse?

Dayuse is a platform that allows users to book hotel rooms for a short daytime stay. The concept is to provide a convenient and flexible solution for people who may not need a hotel room overnight but require a place to rest, work, or freshen up during the day.

Dayuse caters to different types of customers: business travelers, tourists with long layovers, or people looking for a comfortable space to relax or work for a few hours. By offering rooms during daytime hours, Dayuse provides an alternative to traditional overnight bookings and aims to make use of hotel facilities during non-peak hours.

Why Rent a Hotel During the Day Instead of Night?

Renting a hotel room by the day instead of the night can be done for many reasons. Here are a few scenarios when you might prefer a hotel during the day:

Daycation Fun: People may want to use a hotel room for a few hours during the day for relaxation, a quick rest, or to freshen up. This is sometimes referred to as day use or daycation, and it allows access to hotel facilities like pools and spas without staying overnight.

Transit or Layovers: Travelers with long layovers or early arrivals looking for a place to rest during the day while in transit might opt for day-use hotel rooms near airports or transit hubs.

Business Meetings or Conferences: Professionals might rent hotel meeting rooms during the day for business meetings, conferences, or workshops. This provides a dedicated and professional space for such events.

Remote Work: With the rise of remote work, employees may rent hotel rooms during the day as an alternative workspace, providing a quiet and comfortable environment away from home.

Photoshoots or Filming: Photographers, filmmakers, or models may rent hotel rooms for daytime photoshoots or filming projects, taking advantage of the hotel’s aesthetic.

Nap or Relaxation: Folks seeking a short break or a nap during the day, perhaps due to travel fatigue or busy schedules, may find renting a hotel room convenient.

Wellness and Spa Services: Some hotels offer day-use packages that include access to their spa, fitness facilities, and other amenities without the need for an overnight stay.

Interviews or Auditions: Job candidates participating in auditions may choose to rent a hotel room for preparation and relaxation before an interview or audition.

Special Occasions or Celebrations: People may rent a hotel room for a few hours during the day to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or romantic getaways without the need for an overnight stay.

Flexible Check-in/Check-out: Some hotels offer flexible check-in and check-out options, allowing guests to choose specific hours for their stay, making it more convenient for those with non-traditional schedules.

Hotels have different policies on day-use rentals, and not all hotels may offer this option but it’s clear that daytime bookings are becoming more frequent.

Booking a Hotel with Dayuse

Dayuse operates in most major cities. The website allows you to easily book a daytime hotel at the time of your choosing – with several types of slots available from participating hotels.


Dayuse has partnered with 7,000 hotels around the world in 25 countries. Most of the major hotel chains including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Westin, Sheraton, and Accord have several of their brands listed on the website.

Here are a few examples of hotels participating in the program in the USA:

You can also browse day-use hotels in Paris, London, and Milan.

Time Slots

Most hotels I saw were available for 4-6 hour time slots, priced accordingly. I saw hotels from 7am-2pm, 8am -4pm, and 10am to 4pm for example.


Is it cheaper to rent a hotel for day use than by night? Yes! In my experience, the day rate was around 40% cheaper than the hotel’s nightly rate.

I paid 85€ for day use of a room with a Queen-sized bed at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel at CDG.


Dayuse allows you to pay at the hotel.


You can cancel your Dayuse hotel reservation for free.

Checking into my Dayuse Hotel Reservation with Marriott in Paris

I boarded my overnight red-eye flight from JFK to Paris, exhausted but eager to arrive in the City of Light. The flight was long but uneventful. I managed to get some fitful sleep during the 7-hour journey across the Atlantic.

When we landed at Charles de Gaulle airport, the sun had not yet risen. After making my way through customs, I boarded the quick CDGVal train that connects all the airport terminals including its hotels.

In just a few minutes, I arrived at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel I booked located a 7-minute walk from the CDGVal train station.

Dayuse review booking a paris airport hotel during the day
CDG’s cluster of airport hotels

I checked in while it was still pitch dark outside, the time difference making it seem like the middle of the night to my body. The hotel room was modern and comfortable, with blackout curtains I eagerly drew.

Dayuse review booking a paris airport hotel during the day
The perfect room for a quick nap after flying overnight to Paris

After washing up in the shower, I collapsed into the fresh hotel bed without even turning on the lights and fell into a deep, jet-lagged sleep for a few hours.

Dayuse review booking a paris airport hotel during the day
I took a quick shower after my arrival to Paris

I awoke to bright daylight outside my darkened room. Feeling refreshed, I took a second quick shower and headed downstairs to continue my final journey into Paris. I checked out of my airport hotel.

Dayuse review Marriott CDG Paris airport hotel during the day

Stepping outside, I got my first glimpse of France in the soft light of an early afternoon. The city lay before me, awaiting exploration after my early morning reprieve thanks to Dayuse!

While nightly rates may work better for some, as a flexible traveler, I far prefer the freedom to come and go as I please that booking hotel rooms by the full day allows. My adventures require the ability to be spontaneous and renting day by day fits my on-the-go lifestyle.

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