Porto-Vecchio Travel Guide


Corsica is that unicorn of a destination, a place that is breathtakingly beautiful, yet almost completely “undiscovered” by the general population. It’s a wonderfully romantic island, with steep winding roads, mountainous terrain, and crystal clear turquoise waters – everything you would expect from the center of the Mediterranean Sea.

How to Get to Porto-Vecchio

A direct flight from Paris takes only one and a half hours, and regional service to the south of mainland France is even quicker!

Air Corsica

Best Hotels

The best hotel in Porto-Vecchio is Casadelmar. Other hotels in the area include:

Le Pinarello


Here is the pool view at the Casadelmar.

Pool view at the Casadelmar, Corsica

The restaurant at the Casadelmar Hotel:

Restaurant of the Casadelmar Hotel

The waterfront terrace of Casadelmar:

Lounging Terrace of Casadelmar

Casadelmar from the boat that takes you to La Plage, the sister hotel of Casadelmar:

Casadelmar from the boat

Things to Do

Take a Swim in the Water

The rocks of the Corsican coastline are rugged.

Rocks of the Corsican beach

Go on a Hike

View from the Corsican mountains overlooking the Mediterranean Sea:

View from the Corsican Mountains Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

Watch the Sunset

Corsica Sunset
Corsica Sunset


I loved the restaurant La Plage. Cala di lume is another great spot.

Restaurant of La Plage at Casadelmar
View of the restaurant of La Plage by Casadelmar


Plage de Palombaggia

Spending a few days here was the perfect end to a hectic week in Basel, and I couldn’t have been sadder to leave this paradise on earth.

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