Le Carlton, Biarritz

Le Carlton, Biarritz


One of the most beautiful buildings in Biarritz is certainly Le Carlton. This beautiful pink palace is a former hotel that was built in the early 20th century. Now, it’s a luxury apartment building with stunning views of the Hotel du Palais and the Atlantic Ocean…

Le Carlton Biarritz_20160501-DSC_0383

Le Carlton Biarritz_20160506-DSC_0533

Le Carlton Biarritz_20160503-DSC_0492

Le Carlton Biarritz_20160503-DSC_0497

Le Carlton Biarritz_20160503-DSC_0499

Le Carlton Biarritz_DSC_0681

Le Carlton Biarritz_DSC_0679

Le Carlton Biarritz_DSC_0680

Le Carlton Biarritz_20160501-DSC_0384

Check out the entrance of Le Carlton on the corner of Rue de l’Université Américaine and Avenue Reine Victoria

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